Two Octopi out on a date walk down the street arm in arm in arm in arm in arm in arm in arm in arm in arm, amirite?

Seen enough Hentai to know where this is going...

Hillary Duff is pregnant. I didn't even know she was married, amirite?

It makes me feel so old to hear that Lizzie Macguire is is married and pregnant

Girls go in the shower to get more power. Boys play rugby to get more ugly. Girls go to Mars to get their bras. Boys go to venus to get another penis is a weird song to be be singing as a nine year old, amirite?
When in doubt, just blame Heather Sinclair, amirite?

She's the devil spawn!

Everyone's talking about quacks but there are no ducks in sight, amirite?

They're all at the lemonade stand

We spend the first few years of our lives learning things, and the rest un-learning them, amirite?

Oh, I didn't know it was a quote

If I want to commit suicide I should probably check myself into the hospital, amirite?

Please, please do not commit suicide. Go to the hospital and help your beautiful self. I did it and I feel so mich better, I can tell you that. I'm happy. You deserves a chance at happiness.

Text books have some really random photos in them "We're learning how to divide fractions. Look, a picture of Obama, and a tomato", amirite?
Whenever someone let's you see their drivers liscense, you always end up looking at their weight, amirite?

I check there sex... just to be sure

Birds aren't singing, they're screaming. They're afraid of heights. amirite?

So they shit on your car because they're so afraid they can't contain it?

They should make water proof books so you can read in the shower or the pool, amirite?
@guineasaurusrex They make bath books for kids

I had Babar the elephant one when i was little

It's a huge turn off when guys wear Abercrombie/Hollister/Aéropostale clothing, amirite?

At my school, its pretty much code for "bitch" or "douche."

It would be interesting if people had to act like the meaning if their name. Ex: Jillian means youthful, so somebody with that name always has to act youthful and nothing else, amirite?

Mine means "father's gift." Sooo, I should wrap my self up, or what?

who cares if they were cartoon lions, Simba and Kovu were HOT! amirite?
A lot of countries seem to gain independence around the same months, amirite?

Yeah and the bahamas are pretty close too, and puerto rico, i think