About me.

K. So my name is Ryan.

I live in Utah, and no, I'm not mormon, or any other Utah stereotype you can think of.

I have purple hair. I always dye my hair wierd colors.

My favorite books/ tv shows/ movies are:
Doctor Who
Pirates of the Carribean
Phantom of the Opera
The Avengers
The Mortal Instruments
Twilight(books. don't hate.)
Sherlock Holmes (Movies and books)
The Host
The Vampie Diaries
And Dexter. I fucking love Dexter.

I love to read. Like, a lot.

My favorite music:
Linkin Park
Adam Lambert
Katy Perry
Bon Jovi
Led Zeppelin

I have one brother who's life I love to make hell. My parents are divorced, my mom remarried. I have two dogs; a puppy named Jasper, and a Bichon named Bristol, but we call him Fruppy (furry+puppy=fruppy). I'm known to be very sarcastic. I also have a really odd, sort of macabre, sense of humor that most people don't get.

And, ummm. Well that's it. My life's not really that exciting.