Why must there be a boogeyman?

Because nobody wants to hear about the earwaxman.

Im getting a new puppy its brown tan and white what would be some good names for it (its a gurl)

Name it "I got its name from a pony on the internet."

The whole "keep calm and (insert random phrase here)" thing was okay at first, but now it's being overused and it's just getting annoying, amirite?

Keep Calm and Flutter On.

Posts should automatically be homepaged if they get at least 40 votes, amirite?

Unless it's 40 downvotes.

"I'm a Little Teapot" doesn't make sense. At the end, the teapot says "Tip me over and pour me out." Are you the teapot or the water? Stop messing with my head, amirite?

least comments on a potd ever.

eating pussy is kinda like french kissing an alien, amirite?

Group fail.

Pokemon would be a lot more interesting if you could crossbreed species, amirite?

If they do, they better not use those same sprites.

Agatha Christie is an amazing author, amirite?

I had to read And Then There Were None for class.

Comments that say "first" are rarely ever first, amirite?
Some of the characters in Dolan comics look very creepy, amirite?
You hate it when you're on a site like YouTube and you see a comment on some kind of talented video like: 'Well im 9 and i can sing better than u.' Children, get off the internet now. amirite?

I'm 12 and what is this.

This site would be awful if people treated it like they treat youtube, amirite?

I like how the 15th word is trollface.

You're the type of pony everypony should know, amirite?

Now, Rainbow, my dear, I cannot express my delight!

Muffins are just ugly cupcakes, but they are both good. amirite?

Derpy disagrees and says muffins are better.
Pinkamena disagrees and hands you a cupcake which is definitely not drugged.

Two of the following people should do a Minecraft video together: Antvenom, Sethbling, CaptainSparklez, Gamechap and Bertie, amirite?
@invisiblegirl Bertie?

The person that follows Gamechap and destroys the hais?