Pokemon would be a lot more interesting if you could crossbreed species, amirite?

If they do, they better not use those same sprites.

Pony tails are way hotter than buns, amirite?

Especially if the pony is Pinkie Pie.

Company's just add the .3 on something to make it sound cooler, amirite?

But without it, DJ Pon-3 would be DJ Pon-.

On book covers, the author's name should not be bigger than the title, amirite?

Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Posts should automatically be homepaged if they get at least 40 votes, amirite?

Unless it's 40 downvotes.

Agatha Christie is an amazing author, amirite?

I had to read And Then There Were None for class.

There are way too many acronyms associated with first aid, amirite?

Eventually, they're gonna change "operation" to CYOACYBO- Cutting You Open and Checking Your Body Out.

You get excited when a song mentions a time and it's really the same time, amirite?

Of course,if the song is Five o' Clock in the Morning, you'd just be tired.

The My Little Pony phenomena could be weirder; it could be Tellytubbies. amirite?

It could be G1 ponies.

Two of the following people should do a Minecraft video together: Antvenom, Sethbling, CaptainSparklez, Gamechap and Bertie, amirite?
@invisiblegirl Bertie?

The person that follows Gamechap and destroys the hais?

Even if it's not realistic, it would be nice if your favorite show would never stop making new seasons, amirite?
@silvershadow6 Supernatural forever.

"Bitch, please," responded the bronies.

When you see dogs, you can call them a poodle, lab, retriever, pug, etc. but when you see a cat, its just a cat, amirite?

You guys should see my friend Ashley. She knows every breed ofcat.

Why must there be a boogeyman?

Because nobody wants to hear about the earwaxman.

When you watched Dora as a kid, you never realized the pun in the Troll Bridge, amirite?

Troll Bridge=Toll Bridge

It's not always the tiny, squeaky things that are the cutest, amirite?

Excuse me.
Fluttershy happens to be the most adorable thing ever. She's also tiny and squeaky.
Your move.