If a girl movie is a chick-flick then a guys movie must be dick-flick, amirite?
It's really awkward trying to explain a show to someone who's never seen it. "It's about this guy who's a serial killer by night and a policeman by day and also is in the mafia. And his father owns a funeral home/exotic marine animal store. And his daughter is dating his adopted brother. And he can fly." "..." "I swear it's a good show", amirite?
Lea Michele lost a lot of weight for Season 2 of Glee, amirite?

Yes, I have. But it's all part of the story line and Hollywood's influence on the youth of today.

To all pringles fans with big hands: There is this magical thing called gravity, it enables you to tip the canister containing the pringles over and thus gain access to them. amirite?

No! All the crumbs will fall out..

Vampires Vs. Werewolves? Uh, I wanna be a fairy. amirite?

I want to be a trueblood vampire!

You've quoted movies you've nver seen. Amirite?

"Say hallo to my leetle friend!" (little spelled like that on purpose)

Even though they make her look weird and unattractive, i think Rachael from Glee is pretty hot and i would totally date her, amirite?

awh, thank you!

The cast of Jersey Shore is just the more buff and modern version of oompa loompa's, amirite?
You have a dollar to spend on either a snack or a drink. You buy the snack because you're hungry. After you eat it, you think "Man, I'm thirsty...I wish I had bought the drink instead". Or vise versa, amirite?

Buy a smoothie! It satisfies both hunger and thirst.

In school, it's never just one guy that gets a haircut. They always come back over the weekend with haircuts in groups, amirite?

Happens all the time, but usually it's because we have inspection on Friday's (we wear uniforms) and the boys get threatened with 50 demerits if it's not cut by Monday.

We're gonna need a bigger boat, amirite?
I envy the dutch, sinaasappelsap is much cooler than saying orange juice, Amirite?

I'm afrikaans, we get to call it Lemoen Sap!

You have a favorite word, amirite?
If your feet are cold, your whole body is cold, amirite?

That's because heat leaves your body through your hands, feet and head.

No matter how cold it is, theres always that one friend who doesn't feel the cold and wears shorts and a tank and it pisses you off. amirite?

I would be that friend.. I just don't get cold that easily!