About me.

HI EVERYONE. So, I was away for a while, about two months, but now I'm back. I went away for two reasons. One, I was getting really distracted by amirite. I would tell myself that I'm only going to go on chat for like 10 minutes, but then I ended up staying for 3 hours. That happened regularly. And two, I had science fair. But, I'm officially DONE with science fair, so it's all good now and I'm back on amirite.

Oh, also formspring. http://www.formspring.me/sumosimba

Hi, my name is Simran.

I think everyone should take the Myers-Briggs personality test. You'll probably be surprised at how accurate it is. My profile is INFJ and nobody in my class had the same one, so my new goal in life is to meet someone who does.

Yeah, I'm a pretty boring person:

I'm 15 years old (inb4 age ban) and I don't look like my parents. I can't make a taco tongue but my whole family can wary smilie. I love Mexican food. Tacos, enchiladas, burritos, EVERYTHING. I really like fried rice and chicken tenders, too. People tell me that I have an adorable voice but I know that in all honesty, it's actually more than adorable. I'm a really nice person and I actually care about people (wow, surprising, right!).

A chronological list of random events in my life:

My first memory was of me cleaning before a party. My mom told me to use the dust pan thing to clean around the dining room table, and I was expecting guests soon, so I did it really quickly. That's an uneventful memory.

There was also this one time where I was riding my bike around my neighborhood, and this was at my old house, and those were townhouses, so instead of having garages we just had a parking lot. I was riding my bike, right, and I had to make a turn, but they were redoing the cement at the turn so I couldn't ride my bike over there. I decided to cut through the parking lot instead. Apparently, a lady was backing up her car as I got off the sidewalk, but I swear I missed her by a mile. So I went to my friend's house and she lives like a few houses down, and we're just playing hopscotch or whatever. The lady who was backing up her car drives up to me and she yells at me for riding my bike behind her car. I felt really guilty after that and I will forever remember to watch where I'm going.

In 4th grade, we were supposed to something good about everyone in the classroom. For some reason, the one I remember the most was when someone said, "you're really nice and thanks for letting my borrow your lead." It was the only one that was actually personal and it made me feel better about myself.

We don't speak of 5th grade because it was a really stupid year. I was such a poser and a try hard. What I was in 5th grade is everything I hate and the complete opposite of what I am now.

I don't remember how old I was when this happened, but it's a pretty funny story. So, once I slept over at my cousin's house and there were 5 of us kids, and my cousin's parents had to go to work the morning after and their aunt and uncle were with us. So, their uncle had to go to the store or whatever and we were just chilling and doing nothing, and then there's a phone call. My cousin picks up the phone and after like a few seconds, he hangs up. "We're just like "oh! what happened?" He says that there was a man with a deep voice who said "What's your number and where do you live?" We totally freaked out and we were running all over the house and grabbing things like baseball bats and lacrosse sticks to defend ourselves. We hid under the bed after calling out parents to tell them our problem and then like an hour later, my cousin's uncle comes home and we tell him everything. He's just like "Oh, I called the taxi a while ago. That was probably him." Then there was a wave of "ooooooooooooohs" and it was a pretty funny day.

In 7th grade, we had this HUGE snowstorm and we literally had like 2 weeks of no school. The whole entire time I was working on this optional research project. I don't know why I felt so motivated to do it, but I literally spent every day working on the project for at least 6/7 hours each day. This was also right when my mom and my sister went to India, so I was alone with my dad. I think I was on the verge of cabin fever because there was so much snow outside and I didn't go anywhere that whole 2 weeks. So, I turned in my project when that snowstorm ended and like a month later was the day that I was actually going to present my project at the regional fair. The day before that, my cousins were having a Call of Duty night. Call of Duty night is basically when all my cousins go to one person's house and we play Call of Duty all night (self explanatory). I couldn't go because I had to wake up early so I could go to where I was presenting my project. So, my sister went and I worked on doing finishing touches on my project. Afterward, I decided to talk to my friend because she was doing the project, too. We ended up talking all night, preparing for tomorrow, and before I knew it, my sister was already home. My cousin was with her, too, and he was sleeping over. So, basically I had already missed out on Call of Duty night and I was missing out on a sleepover. When I talked to them they said that all the cousins were planning to go on a hike tomorrow. Oh great, something else I couldn't go to. Oh well though. So, the next morning, I went to the fair thing and it was actually really fun, but at the end, I ended up not placing in anything. I was fine with that because my project was kind of iffy. But, when I came home, I had like a mental breakdown. I don't even know, but it made this day memorable.

In between 7th and 8th grade, my friend decided she really didn't want to go to her school and she wanted to go to mine. I stayed up with her the whole night talking about it and it eventually turned out to be like 6AM before we knew it. I felt something shake, so I was like "oooh no, someone woke up, I have to go!" So then, the shaking stopped and I laid there for like 20 minutes hoping that it was nothing. It turned out to be an earthquake.

My room was once painted red, but after my dad painted it, he said "no, I don't like it," then he took me to the paint store before I could even see my room and he told me to pick a color. I couldn't think of anything so I picked white. When I got home, I went to see my red room, but the paint guy already put primer over it. That is the sad story of my once red room. But, my dad was making a joke about the red and white in my room and he kept on saying "Fire and Ice." So, the first day my sister actually slept in (moved into) our new house was also the day 2 of my cousins decided to sleep over. The internet and cable wasn't hooked up yet, so we decided to make these little poster things. I have a lot of paint, so we painted the words "Fire and Ice!" (the exclamation mark counted as a word) and we took pictures and my cousin sent it to his very artistic friend and she voted on which one she liked. We did this 4 times and each person had a saying for their room. In the end, my cousin's friend voted mine the best every single time. I was very goo smilie

Another time, I made a swing with my dad. We hung it up on our tree and I painted the little wood piece and I wrote "Insert butt here" on it. Then, one day about 3 months later, it was snowing and apparently the snow was really dense, so the branch that my swing was on broke. It was the most depressing day of my life.

In 8th grade, I left my planner in my science class, so I came back the next day to get it and it wasn't there. I was really sad. A week or two later, I found my planner in the stack of missing planners (it wasn't there before though) and I read through it and someone wrote on it. They wrote really mean stuff like "go kill yourself," "you're not cool," and "curry." Yeah, you're allowed to laugh at the last part. But otherwise, I was really hurt and I will forever wonder who wrote it.

In the summer between 8th grade and 9th grade, I went to writing camp. Writing camp was at this university nearby my house and it was in the middle of July, so some kids who took summer classes were still hanging around, but it was generally empty for the most part. One day my instructor decided on this activity to let us go around the campus and we were to basically stalk people. We were supposed to write down all of our observations, mainly trying to find people who were talking, then see how much we could put together their situation. I don't exactly remember what it had to do with writing, but it was a really fun activity. I did it with my friend and we couldn't find very many people, so we just hung out in the book place and there were these girls that couldn't pronounce Mississippi and it was pretty funny.

This year, we had an in-class essay about our summer reading books. I thought I bombed it because I had no time to go over it. Then, when my teacher finally decided to return them like 2 months later, she was all like "The essays were surprisingly very bad and I'm going to show you what your grade is, but there's going to be a curve and I'll tell you that curve after I talk with everyone about their grade." So everyone goes up and 1 person at my table gets like a 40% and the other kid at my table is like the smartest kid in the class and he got an 88% and the teacher said his essay was one of the best in the class. Most of the kids I talked to said they got like a 60 something. So I was like D: I'm going to do horribly. Then, I go up and my teacher says she's not going to curve my score and I'm just like "...what?" and then she tells me I got a 100% and my essay was the best in the class and I felt like such a boss.

The other day I won a contest and I told my dad that I felt like a boss. I ended up spending 30 minutes just explaining to my dad what it means to be a boss.