There should be a tv show on discovery or history channel where it's just old people talking about their personal recollections about significant events throughout history. It would be so interesting to hear first hand experiences from people recalling the depression, pearl harbor, world war 2, Vietnam, etc., amirite?

Back in my day...

"Yea" is definitely the most common lie. Are you having fun? Yea! Does this look good? Yea!! Are you okay? Yea. Are you sure you're sober? YEAAAAAAAAA. amirite?

"amirite?" Yeah you are! ...but maybe I'm lying. combining the comments from that post and this one there are over 435 comments of people saying what is to their left. ...I have a water bottle, lamp, candle, candle lighter, book, ipod, and tissues. I could deafen them with music and throw the water bottle at them then while they are confused I can start a fire and burn then. Oh yeah I'm gonna live! Untill more zombies come of course.

The class of 2011 doesn't really have anything going for it as far as catchy slogans, amirite?
You wonder how many people on here live in your town or go to your school, amirite?

about an hour away. :)

Third time's the charm, amirte? Amitie? Amirite?
@RainCloud_16 Am I tie??!?

Don't make me reveal my secret! shhh...

@too bad he's dead

damn it! why did you say that! i havent read mockingjay yet. -_- im gonna read it this week though, so im not reading any more of these comments. is annoyed at anonymous

Open book tests kind of defeat the purpose, amirite?

I was surprised at how many people got low grades on a recent open book test we took. I thought I did bad but really only missed two, while some people missed eight or twelve. The book is there might as well use it people.

You have, at some point, put something in a safe place and then forgotten where the 'safe place' is, amirite?

And it was never seen again.

Of course we will never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. Because no one licks a lollipop. We suck and chew on it. amirite?

I so happen to be eating a pomegranate tootsie pop right now.

There is no such thing as Channel 1, amirite?

We watch it in study hall. Channel 1 news or someting like that, but its on channel 4.

There's always that one kid in class who's such a slacker that anytime someone gets partnered with them, you can hear them thinking, "shit", amirite?

Yes, and today I was the unfortunate person who was paired with them, and they are also really mean. I dont plan on a good grade for this assignment. :(

The names for paint colors are really weird. Ok, I'm gonna go paint my room Capri Seas or Vibrant Meadow. amirite?

Lettuce alone green.

There's always that one friend that has a weird name they call their grandma/grandpa, amirite?

Mammam and Papa(the a makes the sound like in apple). Dunno why I call them that, just always have. :D

"I'm trapped in a room with no windows.." seems scary until you realize it could totally be the bathroom, amirite?