Nobody is born with a certain personality, it's the way that you grow up that makes you who you are, amirite?

It's both nature and nurture. Genetics play a role. Babies have different behaviors if you notice

Nobody is born with a certain personality, it's the way that you grow up that makes you who you are, amirite?

In my opinion, it's a mixture of both.

You love the whole Neville-Luna romance at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and it made you melt when he ran off to tell her how he had loved her for a long time, amirite?

in the book he marries Hannah fucking Abott..... Luna/Neville shipper forever!!!!!!!1

It's amazing how attractive Matthew Lewis (the guy who plays Neville in Harry Potter) has become, amirite?

Puberty.. he's doing it right.

@Big_Boss And of course the girls vote down on this.

if we don't 'lie' like that, how else do we get our feet in doors? if we go completely as we are you wouldn't give us the time of day. but, push-up bra and makeup?--we have your attention. you think that you don't really care, maybe, but it definitely does make a difference, and that's the sort of lying that doesn't even really count.
girls vote down for this because this is shallow. you can't equate push-up bras with serious lying...
you don't have to lie. you could tell the truth. remain faithful. things would be legitimately good. you don't have to wear makeup, high heels or worry about wrinkles and whatnot.
we? we 'have' to lie like that. because we live in a sadly shallow society that pressures us time and time again to do so. because we don't feel as worthwhile without some foundation, and you guys make us feel worthless often if we don't. unless, of course, we're luckily naturally gorgeous. then "we're amazing just the way we are," right?

You wonder what the year 3000 will be like. amirite?
You're really happy about gay marriage being legalized in New York, but you're surprised that it hasn't happened sooner. amirite?
@We found our secular institutional laws on what we believe. We believe in either religion or naturalism

What we 'believe'? They are based on morals certainly but marriage is not one of those anymore. Marriage grants rights for couples by way of registration, it more of a regulatory institution now. It grants special in testate rules (latin for after death) when one partner dies as well as tax benifits.
And btw if you actually look up 'naturalsm' it is actually quite a narrow idea...There are many other types of world views rather than arbitrarly dividing them into naturalism and religous...for an example humanism.
and just on your point above about beeding: if it is wrong from a 'naturalistic' point of view for couples to marry because they cant breed, then you would be saying the same goes for stirile couples.
Every species has adaptions and mutations some of which may not be benificial but i dont think that means in any way you can say that they be treated differently becuase it doesnt conform to the majority....

It's really annoying how companies try to sell you everything by adding a fancy adjective to the names. You can get premium toilet paper, extra-strength toilet paper, or supermegafoxyawesomehot toilet paper. Can't you just get regular toilet paper anymore, amirite?

If they had supermegafoxyawesomehot toilet paper, I would buy it.

As a woman, I always get this queasy feeling whenever i leave the kitchen, causing me to return right away and make my man a sandwich, since that's all I'm good for anyway. Amirite?

No... don't say that. C'mon you're better than that. This is the type of attitude that feminists are trying to fight, because it keeps women down and suppressed. What I'm trying to say is, you're also good for sex.

Whenever you walk past someone smoking, you purposely cough, amirite?

I enjoy striking up conversations about lung cancer with my friend when we pass smokers.

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It feels awesome when you first put on jeans after wearing nothing but shorts over the summer, amirite?

It feels awesome when you first put on shorts after wearing nothing but jeans over the winter, amirite?

It's awkward when you're talking about someone and they magically appear behind you, amirite?

Haha, like in the show NCIS whenever Tony is talking about Gibbs, Gibbs always shows up behind him and slaps the back of his head. :)

It seem that all valedictorian speeches start with, "Herro!", amirite?

YYA-ing for epic racism.