About me.

I have to describe myself? Fine.

Download 95% complete of some info about me.

I like 1D
I like tacos
I like raspberries

Don't complain about my username. I like the way I spell rasberry. It sounds more like that. So shut up.

Americas Got Talent is better than American Idol. Why? Because AGT has funnier/better acts that AI. Katy Perry is
my idol.
Do I have a facebook? Yes.
Do I have a twitter? Yes. (username thebloo2 or Abbie Larson)
Do I have a youtube? Yes. (Username: Abbie Larson)
For all you roblox users, my username is SeattleSeattle. (Don't ask why)

My favorite youtube users would have to be: JennaMarbles and Smosh.

My favorite singers/bands are: Katy
Perry, Selena Gomez, 1D, Hot Chelle Rae, JB,(Ok fine. I like Jb a little. Don't
make fun of me) and lots more.

My favorite tv shows would be: True life, ridiculesness, adventure time, that 70's show, awkward, and lots more.

Download 100% complete.