About me.

Hey there, passer by!
My username isn't a skin condition I have, it is my family name. Rashed, Ola.
I'll favorite all your posts of you know how to pronounce that! So hit me up yo!

Generally, I'd automatically NW a post that you can't possibly have an opinion on, like facts. You can't disagree with proven facts. Also, in the case of a post having an idea that has been discussed on multiple posts with +100 comments. It seems to me like a cry for attention and homepage rights.

I don't see a reason to state here my religion or political stance, I refuse to let all these stuff define me. It is okay if a situation calls for it or if someone asks, other than that, I find it unnecessary.

I like trying new things, so if you are up to something cool, TELL ME, please!

Feel free to drop a hi on me every now and then. Hi's bring me great joy!

Oh yea and I suck at posts!

Note: my avatar, this masterpiece reflects my inner being.
If you look up close, you'll see the reason behind its geniusness; pieces of tissue stuck; hence a three dimensional art piece.