About me.

Hey guyzzzz. So I'm Raven, i'm 16 and a HUGE Harry potter fan! So leik yeah.

God_The_Almighty ( A.K.A Matt ) made me this awesome puppy http://ctrlv.in/53098

Axolotl ( A.K.A. Justin ) made me this EVEN EPICER PUPPY.http://ctrlv.in/53096
and this evil mastermind puppy http://ctrlv.in/53108

Elle made me this puppy. http://ctrlv.in/53106
and this one http://ctrlv.in/53107

These are mine... I love drawing things with pictures.

Me and Matt ( God_The_Almighty) made a bunch of animations on day.Here are a bunch.

Coolest quote ever :

"I weep for the future of humanity in this universe," said Ginny. "WEEP."--- From chapter 10 of this story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7351304/10/Ebony_Darkness_Dementia_Raven_Way_vs_Canon