people that say the earthquake in japan was karma and gods way of punishing the japanese for pearl harbor should think how fucked the us will be when they will be punished for hiroshima and nagasaki, amirite?
You miss the days when you could safely push someone into a pool, now you gotta worry about the iPod, the cellphone, maybe a PSP, you push someone in, it costs you 939$, amirite?

Did you even read any of the comments??

Guys: your girlfriend should be the most important thing in the world to you. amirite?

Because she's obviously going to be his girlfriend forever and never break up with him. (or vice versa)

Saying all trolls are just trying to start controversy is like saying all Muslims are terrorists, its completely true, amirite?

I was about to get all preachy on you, and then I realized you were making a joke about the controversy thing :P

Rebecca is gonna get down to Wal-Mart on Black Friday, amirite?
@we we we so excited

That part made me cringe so much...

You hate it when your girlfriend asks you to hold her handbag, and it doesn't match what you're wearing, amirite?

I can't BELIEVE he got POTD again. this is seriously depressing. I'm going to DIE and come back and die again, then I'll go poor from all the money I'm spending on my overpaid ex-barber-then-butcher-then-blacksmith-then-buddhist-monk-now-therapist, fall of the edge of the earth and land on the dark side if the sun, and my family and all its descendents will be cursed until stanley yelnats the 4th carries hector zoroni up the mountain while singing and then eat onions together. All because of this injustice.

it's weird to think that one day in the future there will be a chapter in a history textbook called "9/11 and the war on terror.", amirite?

We're becoming those old people who say stuff like "when I was young, we were in the great depression. We didn't have them "ipods" or "nintendo wiis." All we had to entertain ourselves was pick-up-sticks. We could only afford four sticks though. Had to use the rest for firewood."

A year's supply of calendars isn't as much as it sounds, amirite?

I'd rather have a years supply of birthday cake!

A year's supply of calendars isn't as much as it sounds, amirite?

insert Spongebob quote containing clever usage of the word "blame" resulting in a significant enough number of loves to make me feel socially empowered on this site yet completely unaffected in my day-to-day life here

men would look weird without boobs, amirite?

just like girls would look weird without penises. oh wait...

It is sad that some people care more about Charlie Sheen than they do about a 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake and Tsunami in north Japan, amirite?
@Big_Boss Some idiots at my school can't point out Japan on a map. Some even make retarded jokes about how Korea is...

One psycho girl at my school posted on fb that japan deserved it for what they did to korea and wished a million more earthquakes on them. One if the few times I'm glad I can't read minds, because I'd really be scared to know what drugs she sneaks to the conductor of her train of thought.

You feel bad for that one person that gets a varsity jacket with "CHOIR" or "MARCHING BAND" on the back, amirite?
@purplestickypunch I'm not saying it isn't awesome in its own right, just that its kinda not a sport... @506501 (Anonymous):

I'd kinda like to see you multitask like that before you bash it. And relative difficulties aside, it is an activity that takes many hours of physical activity and commitment, not to mention the awesome friends you make. I don't think it's asking too much to think that we deserve letter jackets for the time and effort.

Don't tell me i don't know what love is. Juliet was 14 when she died for her love. amirite?

You don't know what love is. Neither do I. As Eminem said, "I don't know what love is. I just know what it feels like."

Guys: 'dude' can replace entire sentences, display any emotion and pretty much mean anything depending on what your tone is when you say it. amirite?

Now gimme some fin. slap Noggin. hollow sound DUUUDE