@DoReMi It's direspectful to the people who lost someone.

how the hell is building a mosque near ground zero disrespectful?

Being a billionaire is kind of pointless, what are you going to spend a billion dollars on? amirite?

a shit load of shit

Guys, you feel a little bit gay when you find out your boyfriend watches My Little Pony, amirite?
If elementary school gets you ready for middle school, middle school gets you ready for high school, high school gets you ready for college, and college gets you ready for life, then what the heck does life get you ready for? amirite?
Weird part of amirite > Weird part of Youtube, amirite?

I did not know their was a weird part of amirite

Everybody has one of those things that they probably wouldnt do in front of other people but are secretly really proud of, amirite?

these comments are interesting

Hitler should be a guest star on glee, amirite?

i lol'd at the glee ad on the side

What's the point in living a safe, healthy life if it get's in the way of having fun. Amirite?
@HannahMcCauley ... Maybe so you don't die?

think of it this way: i would rather live a short happy life then a long miseable life, cause you know how awesome happiness is.

if you think about it, gays and lesbians are good for society, cause our primal instinct tell us to mate to someone of the opposite sex, and gays/lesbians, do the opposite, ignoring there primal instinct, and, in theory evolving into a more intelligent species, so gays/lesbians could stand as a monument to how advance we are as a species. amirite?
@DanielJames No, homosexuals do not go against their primal instinct, they have a different primal instinct.

no. the instinct is for us to mate with the opposite sex, to have children and continue the population of the species.

Music shouldn't be stopped when you open up a game on an iPod touch, I buy this for music and games why can't I have them at the same time? amirite?

their are some games that let you listen to your music.

Douchebags get girlfriends good guys get screwed, Amirite?

you say that like getting screwed is a bad thing

In Soviet Russia, God created humans. amirite?

i came on here thinking there was gonna be a hardcore religious debate. and i am not disappointed.

While you're look out through the horizon, while sitting on a beach, all these strange thought about life, death, happend in past and what will happen in the future. each thought deeper than the next and new briliant ideas appear. But after you leave everything disappeas as fast as it came, amirite?


The Human Centipede takes the phrase "sucks ass" to a whole new level, amirite?
Girls: sometimes you wonder what happens to a guy's penis when he sits down to crap on the toilet, i mean, do they just let it hang there or what? Amirite?

we take it apart and put it back in when where done