Guys: It would suck so bad if your mom was Chinese and your dad was black, and you inherited your dick from your mother's side. amirite?

The phrase "inherited your dick from your mother" is hilarious.

If your kids didn't love you, you would probably set their asses on fire and torture them for eternity, amirite?


I planned on doing that regardless of whether or not they love me.

It sucked watching Pirates of the Caribbean 4 without Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom even after you invited them over several times to watch it with you, amirite?
Sometimes you're so bored that not even masturbation sounds fun, amirite?

As Billy Joe put it, "When masturbation's lost its fun, you're fucking lonely!"

First they came for the Chans, I wasn't a pedophile so I didn't care. Then they came for The Pirate Bay, I wasn't a Pirate so I didn't care. Then they came for infowars, I didn't wear a tin foil hat so I didn't care. Finally, they came for Amirite....and I learned the hard way that I was wrong for not standing up for what's rite. amirite?

You're the silly goose, not me. You're the one saying silly things, not me. You're the one behaving like an idiot, not me

Rumour Has It that Adele is pregnant, amirite?

Looks like someone's been rolling in her deep. hello smilie

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Guys: When you were a senior in high school you and your friends would try to see who could have sex with as many freshman girls before graduation, amirite?
It's awesome how when you comment on your own post the comment gets a gold border like it just won a fucking Olympic medal, amirite?

Fuck yeah, I'm a champion.

You could spend hours looking through Wikipedia's "List of unusual articles," amirite?

Wow, it's a hilarious list. I love the informal descriptions, that are unlike Wikipedia's usual proffesional tone: "
A cow with antlers atop a pole near electrical cabling. Wikipedia contains other images and articles that are similarly shocking and/or udderly amoosing." 

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Dumbo probably wouldn't have been able to fly with ear gauges, amirite?

Not if he got some bitchin' turbines.

Time machines will never be invented, otherwise we'd already have them from someone who brought htem back from the future. amirite?

I rationalise this in my head by saying time machines are like telephones - there has to be a recieving end. The day we invent a time machine will be the earliest possible date to which someone can return.

... it's a theory, right?

Your favorite sex position is the one when you stare blankly at a computer screen for hours at a fucking time and sob uncontrollably because you're all alone and nobody loves you, amirite?

"The Post of the Day is the very first post you see when you come to amirite, so we try to make it something that really shows what amirite is all about." Yeah basically.

You love it when you have those zen moments in life where you take time to watch something that you normally wouldn't, like grass swaying in the breeze. It's magical, amirite?

The greatest tragedy of our generation- what with cell phones and iPads now- is that these moments are so rare that they are considered "magic".

When one person commits an atrocity, it is considered a crime and is met with punishment. When millions of people commit atrocities, it is considered a culture and is met with tolerance, amirite?
@lucyjoan Seriously, why was there no POTD yesterday?

Well Lucyjoan, it's quite simple.

If you re-arrange the letters in 'No post of the day' You get 'foop tha dony dest'
If you type 'foop tha dony dest' in Google translate from English to simplified Chinese you with get 'foop THA dony DEST'. As you can see 'THA' and 'DEST' are capitalized for some reason. If you take the capitalized words and put them together, you get 'THADEST' which if said quickly sounds like 'The test'

Which I obviously just passed.

Why do teachers always seem to blame the fact that they can't handle their classes on the time of day? E.g. "Come on guys, I know it's Monday morning"; "Come on guys, I know it's Friday afternoon"; "Come on guys, I know it's 9:23 on a Thursday"; amirite?

That's why I constructed this manual, for people like you!

How to Get Liked on Amirite

1. Write "first" on any post that doesn't have any comments yet. People will admire your quick speed.
2. When commenting, ignore the Reply button. It's only there for decoration.
3. There's a user named Anthony on here that nobody likes. Send him insulting messages.
4. If there aren't many comments on POTD, say so. How else are people going to know?
5. If you don't like the current POTD, say so. People care, right?
6. If somebody votes down your post, report them.
7. If somebody votes down your comment, report them.
8. If somebody "steals your wall virginity", they're probably an online pedophile. Report them.
9. If one of your posts gets deleted, the mod probably just didn't get it. Keep re-posting it until they understand.
10. Lastly, and most important, never relate a comment to the post. People will think you're a freak.

Just follow the above rules and you should be fine! y smilie