Kids shouldn't ask parents for something when they do good on a test. They are supposed to do good. amirite?
Albert Einstein was the wisest man in the whole human history, amirite?

Maybe Socrates, Plato, Aristotle...

The moie, The Incredibles, should not be included in ABC's 25 days of Christmas, it's not a Christmas movie, amirite?

I meant movie and without the commas, but it won't let me edit

It's awesome when you're like a Boss. amirite?

Promote synergy LIKE A BOSS
My own bathroom LIKE A BOSS

2 years old is too young to get married. amirite?

why would you say no???

You're AWESOME! amirite?

Why wouldn't you vote yes? Because you think you're not awesome?

If God created all of us as equals, then why can't there be a female priest? amirite?

I think there can be in almost every denomination except Catholicism

Having 8 arms would make life so much more convenient, amirite?

Except for shirts...

Double period study halls at school are amazing, amirite?

That's what I have today: study hall, class, study hall, lunch, study hall

Double period study halls at school are amazing, amirite?

I mean a class after lunch

Valentines Day should be renamed "Single Awareness Day", amirite?

It could also be called "S.A.D" for short haha

Nobody's perfect, amirite?
@oink I gotta work it.

Again and again 'till I get it right

Saint Valentine was a player, amirite?

He actually was a doctor who was trying to cure a little girl's blindness when he was imprisoned for being Christian. He would send her letters while he was in prison and sign them "from your Valentine." Pretty cute if you ask me :D

Getting up early on Monday morning really sucks, amirite?