Does science take away the 'magic' in life?

No, it adds to it.

It's pretty sad and kind of scary that "90s Kids" reminisce about the TV shows they watched during their childhood, rather than the things they did during their childhood, amirite?

People should be able to reminisce about whatever the fuck they want.

Religion does not ruin people. People ruin religion, amirite?

Religion doesn't make the man, man makes the religion.

You would have sex on bubble wrap. amirite?

It would be...distracting.

I seriously think that Anthony has lost his mind. First, the buttons, and now, the sliding amirite?

I miss all the cool shit :( Missed the "buttons" everyone's fucking talking about, now this sliding shit :( I hate you all :(

Death Note was an amazing anime. Until L died. Then it sucked, amirite?

Alternate ending is pretty awesome though.

You always hit the space bar with the thumb on your dominant hand, amirite?

Call me weird but I use my index finger.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is going to be a complete flop, amirite?
On November 11th 2011, at 11:11 you're gonna make the ultimate wish. amirite?

To hell with wishes! Work hard for what you want.

Why are all the songs today about falling in love, being in love, and breaking up. I mean there are other important things in life, amirite?

People discard originality for trends. Rather make money and be popular than write something with actual meaning.

I totally agree.

You sometimes fantasize your dream husband, amirite?

All the time.

OMG we can change the color, amirite?

It's great :) Love the red & green.
Decisions decisions.

Names now-a-days are spelt weird. I could say my name is spelt Ellqen, but the q is silent! amirite?

Who gives a shit about the past tense of spell? I love this post!

Who died, and made you king of anything? amirite?

Sara Bareilles is awesome!

When I say being gay is a sin, and you say "why does it matter if it's a sin? Why can't you just let them be happy?" is like say "Sure that guy murder 6 people, but killing makes him happy, so you shouldn't tell him it's wrong.", amirite?