About me.

Hey, I'm Reese, thus the username "reeree"
I'm in POSITO!
Some things you should know...
I'm republican
I'm Christian
On gay marriage: I used to say that "I don't really agree with gay marriage, but I also don't really care if they make it legal, if people want to do that with their lives I don't have to like it." But I've changed my mind. The people on this site who are pro gay marriage annoy me, a lot of their arguments are invalid, so I've switched to the side of Anti Gay Marriage. Sorry.
I strongly dislike Obama
I prefer Twilight to Harry Potter, sorry
I think Pokemon is stupid
I'm a swimmer
I think kids who drink in high school and do drugs are stupid
Band kids, emos, and scene kids kind of give me the creeps
I'm a Grammar Nazi, I want to be a journalist one day so I have to be.
Switzerland is possibly the best country on Earth.
I have a few obsessions:
The Hunger Games series, which I'm psyched about becoming movies
Pretty Little Liars, sometimes the acting sucks but it's my guilty pleasure
And, above all, WEEZER. Once I meet that band, my life will be complete. But I love music, particularly rock and alternative music. I like punk rock the best. I DESPISE country music, and I think Taylor Swift is incredibly overrated. I may be a Christian, but gospel music just ain't my thing. My favorite bands are:
Rise Against
The Offspring
My Chemical Romance
Young the Giant
Panic! at the Disco
Airborne Toxic Event
Social Distortion
Foo Fighters
Alkaline Trio
Carolina Liar
The Killers
Band of Horses
and many more that I don't feel like listing

Uhh, yeah. Don't take all of my posts seriously, sometimes I just like to joke around.