It annoys you when really ugly girls are with extremely hot guys. amirite?

So girls get mad when guys go for the hot girls, then when they go for one that isn't a model you still get mad?

It's sad how phobic of fat people society is today. if someone said, "I only date other white people", they'd be racist and close-minded. But if someone said "I don't date fat people", people see that as being "okay". It should NOT be "okay" to not date fat girls just because of our size, especially when it's thought to be caused by genetics or glandular problems. Instead guys should judge what's on the INSIDE, because that's what counts, amirite?

Not dating someone because of race is different than weight. You can control your wieght. You might be predisposed to be on the heavier side, just like you can be predisposed to anything else. That doesn't mean you have no control. If you have hormonal issue then tough tits, but I bet you don't.

You've always wonder if guys talk about girls as much as girls talk about guys. amirite?

"I'd do her."
"I don't know, she has that wierd thing about her voice."
"So? Your not having sex with her larynx."
"Okay, I'd fuck her"

When you think about it, Hitler really wasn't such a bad guy. After all, he did kill Hitler, amirite?

They had an opinion on your opinion, which is also perfectly fine. If you put anything out there you are opening yourself up to criticisms. Don't get all mopey.

Habeas Corpus sounds like a Harry Potter spell, amirite?

Because it's in Latin.

Nobody ever seems to finish their limericks about Nantucket, amirite?

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
but his daughter named Nan
ran off with a man.
And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

You use your fingers, when you need to count haikus; you're doing it now, amirite?

No idea it was a haiku until I went back to count the syllables. Would be weird if I habitually counted the syllables of everything I read.

You have at least once considered yourself addicted to a website or video game. amirite?

Runescape was my middle school. :/

When writing notes on the board, teachers/professors should really stop using "cont." as an abbreviation for continued. amirite?

Anal. for analysis should also be discont.

It's annoying how people bash on rich people just because they don't donate much to charity. They didn't work their asses off to get a good position in life just to give their earnings away, amirite?
@Cuban_B It's annoying that people assume rich people all worked their asses off to get rich.

Its annoying that people assume all rich people were born into a massive corporate empire.

Can we name the next hurricane Shaniqua or something? I feel like if we give hurricanes ghetto names people will be more inclined to get out of their way. Hurricane Irene sounds friendly. Hurricane Dijonae sounds like it would rip your weave out if you look at it the wrong way, amirite?

They probably went anon since this was on sickipedia and knew someone would be anal retentive enough to care.

Push a hipster down the stairs, now look who's tumbling. amirite?

Saw this on tumblr last year.

@Courage_Wolf There's only one color of jelly, though, and that's green. I think you meant all wolves are several colors of the...

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.
Indigo has been classified as a shade. Now it Roy G. Bv which is even less memorable.

You feel really rude when the middle of your sentence interrupts the beginning of someone else's, amirite?

That awkward moment when you post something that is no longer funny.