Plastic straws are a great alternative if you like awful things that don't work as intended. amirite?

You mean paper straws? Plastic straws are normal

We could eventually end up selling usernames like we do domains. amirite?

There was an episode of the Reply All podcast that discussed this exact thing:

If everything on the internet was in dark mode since the very beginning of it there would probably be no need to create a light mode option because pretty much no one would want that, amirite?

No everybody always wants the opposite. There would be demand for a light mode and that would be the "cool" one

A random adult walking up to a school kid and having a general convo with them is unnatural. An adult on a forum starting general convo with a preteen is natural (REAL accounts and age stated to save the argument) amirite?

It's common, but perhaps not what you'd think of as "natural"

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?

What's new in it?

Bongs are music Instruments. amirite?

Bongos perhaps?

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?

You don't buy it it's a free software update...

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?
@Whatupmyman6 A actual dark mode, speed improvements, and a bunch of other crap

I would be excited but I switched to Android. It's interesting to see what they come out with nonetheless

Is anybody excited for iOS 13 like me?

Did you forget the picture?

Samsung is the Huawei of america, amirite?

Samsung is Korean...

The Good Charlotte song, "The Anthem", has helped shaped urinal etiquette for a generation of young men. amirite?

Just a reminder of the lyrics:
Shake it once that's fine. Shake it twice that's okay. Shake it three times you're playing with yourself.

You are not in a hurry to try a veggie burger at BK. amirite?

I'll probably try it just to see what it's like. But I'm not expecting it to replace my usual order anytime soon.

What kind of phone do you have?

Those are not the only 2 choices of phone.

That theirs no point of memes if all they do is die anyway amirite?

Memes are fun while they're relevant and something replaces them every week when they die so they're always fresh anyway.