The least helpful question in the game Guess Who is, "Does your guy look like a pedophile?", amirite?

How about this one; Image in content

It's weird how in Christmas specials the kids always yell "Santa came!" as if they expected him not to, amirite?

It's weird how in Christmas pornos the kids always yell "Santa came!" as if they expected him not to, amirite?

Vulpix is red, Squirtle is blue. If you were a pokemon, I would choose you, amirite?

...but since you aren't a pokemon I choose your sister.

Eminem is better than lil wayne, amirite?

Insert almost any musician is better than Lil Wayne.

Most teenagers don't know shit about politics and current events, they just want to seem opinionated and intelligent without even putting in any effort. ex. "I support Obama!" translation: "I like Obama's campaign slogan! Plus my parents are Democrats!" We need to actually start knowing facts. amirite?
@shannonnn I feel like people who call her unintelligent are the unintelligent ones themselves. She has so many ideas and...

People who call Sarah Palin stupid have A LOT more to go on than that. Every other thing that comes out of her mouth is a catastrophe, there are so many fundamental facts that she just doesn't know. Here is an example;

The bible: Spoiler! Jesus dies!

There will always be role-playing as long as someone, somewhere in the world is dissatisfied with their position and status in life. Even if you did manage to make a universally happy utopia there'll still be someone who secretly longs to be a six-breasted double-cocked anthropomorphic dolphin wizard. amirite?
@Mike_Hawk I wish you had 6 boobs, too.

@790804 (Mike_Hawk): If you find a skilled plastic surgeon, you two could be the perfect couple.

djajipeieywbhdlabdajbcflakfjlaurihyreqe... EEEH MACARENA!!! amirite?
@AdonisBatheus I love how people "No Way" me just because I called out on him and his un-originality.

I love how you're being passive aggresive by saying you love it when you actually don't.

Whoever created chess was obviously a feminist. Why else would do queen be able to do so much while the king can hardly do anything. amirite?

It's so the queen can go make him a sandwich faster.

After watching Inception, some people killed themselves because that thought that their real life was a dream. This is sad, amirite?
@Sinner @901092 (ArtisticBroccoli): Lol'd more at this than the actual post. ._.

Lol'd more at your comment than hers, the post isn't supposed to be funny...

Two guys checking out girls: Guy 1: "Dude, that girl is hot." Guy 2: "Yeah, but she has a kid." Guy 1: "Oh, nevermind then... Two girls checking out guys: Girl 1: "He is hot!!!" Girl 2: "You know, he has a baby." Girl 1: "Aww, how old is it? That's so sweet!", amirite?

A guy and pedobear checks a girl out: Guy: "Dude, that girl is hot." Pedobear "Her baby is hotter!"

I'm getting sick of all these fake amirite user like Chuck Norris and Most Interesting Man, let real people get votes please, amirite?

She's from the future clearly.

There needs to be more gay characters in children's cartoons, amirite?

I don't think the characters sexuality should be important to cartoons in the first place whether they are hetero or homo. What do you want them to do, show Bert doing Ernie?

This website needs more cowbell, amirite?

Anthony should make a cowbell button.

If your going to quote a movie, at least get it right, amirite?

"Say hello to my little companion!" - Scarface.