If you look closely at the picture, you can see it's actually photoshopped

Yes, you feel a little good inside when a guy says "You're hot." But just that moment, you know he's not "real". Because "real" guys would say beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty. amirite?

Maybe you are on fire and quite literally hot

The shows "Swamp People" and "Billy the Exterminator" make all Louisianaians look like completely uneducated hicks, when really, we're not, amirite?

Louisiana-The longest word known to anyone in Louisiana

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is NOT about LSD, its about a picture that John's son drew about his classmate, which inspired John to write the song, amirite?

...while ON LSD

Any religion that teaches you to hate people, is automatically wrong, amirite?

Don't stereotype an entire group of people based on a few poor examples of the given population. Christianity doesn't teach people to hate. Radical 'Christians', if you can even call them that, focus only on the commandments given by God, rather than the unwavering merciful love Jesus taught. Christians are supposed to love everyone indiscriminately, not hate others for their sins, as we're all inadequate and fall short of perfection. God doesn't hate sinners, he loves without question; that's what the whole Bible is about.

Why are California Cows happier than other cows? amirite?

Legalized marijuana

Some girls claim that they're saving sex for marriage because no one will sleep with them, amirite?

Some people post on the internet because they're dumbasses

It's strange how girls have to cover their chest in the pool and boys dont, amirite?

Picture trying to converse with a guy if you didn't, and there's your reason

After watching "Beethoven", you wanted a Saint Bernard. After seeing "Air Bud", you wanted a Golden Retriever. Then seeing "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", you wanted a German Shepherd, amirite?

Why the hell would you watch Beverley Hills Chihuahua?

Wales's flag has a DRAGON. Beat that, stars and stripes, amirite?

Ok, we're a world superpower

It's sorta puzzling how some people get turned on by feet. It's like, ooh, a dirty toenail and some hair, there's no way anything is sexier than that, amirite?

I still don't see how women get turned on by penises (penii?), but that's just me...

there are few things more depressing than having to go to a pharmacy and return a box of condoms, amirite?

The Holocaust

Nipples come in many shades from pink to brown. Amirite?

"Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to show me your breasts. Don't worry, it's for science."

It's crazy to think that there are thousands of things we'll never know the answer to, even though the exact answer does exist; like how many grains of sand or blades of grass there are on earth. The number's there, we'll just never know it. amirite?

Or Justin Bieber's gender...

butter always makes food taste better. amirite?

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