About me.

-My name is Geoff
-I'm not a Brit, just named after one
-I like to watch sports
-Usually while I'm on this website, there's a tv in the room with ESPN on it
-I'm sarcastic to the point where a lot of people think I'm cynical, but that doesn't really bother me
-I like to laugh, and a lot of things crack me up that other people don't find funny
-I'm from a small town in Idaho and my favorite memories involve bonfires
-Contrary to what the above statement might suggest (and to save people from the corny {or potato-y} jokes), I've never been to, nor seen a potato farm, ever

I would share some of my opinions, but if you care, you probably already know based on a post that lead you here, or you can find out by looking at some of the posts I've voted on or posted.