It doesn't really matter that Lebron won MVP even if Kobe deserved it, that award's mostly fan-based , 6 rings is better than none and we all know that Kobe is a much more VALUABLE asset to his team than Lebron is- he makes an impact without even playing, amirite?

Kobe doesn't deserve it at all. Kevin Durant deserves it.... #DMV all day.

It's important to know that when you eat wonton soup, Lil B will park his car and then fuck your bitch, amirite?

Fuck yeah Lil B.

Two and a half years is an acceptable age difference in a relationship, Amirite?

Oh really? Mine is half my age minus 2

Neville should have killed Bellatrix, he deserved it more, amirite?
People with Pokemon Black and/or White: It's so frustrating when you see the moving grass or whatever, but right as you get close to it, another Pokemon attacks, amirite?

RUh-Ruh-ruh repel.

The only 3 things a guy should change about his girl: 1) Her last name. 2) Her address and 3) Her viewpoint on men. amirite?
@Predy wait, why her address?

After they get married she comes live with him.

We've moved on from a book to a T.V to the internet to the PS2 to the Wii to the Xbox Connect to the Apple I Pad I wonder what we will have in the year 2090 amirite?

This post is so stupid it hurts me inside.

If you could, you would. You know what I'm talking about, amirite?
The chunkier the cuter only applies for babies and puppies, amirite?

I don't know... I kinda think that girls who have a little fat are a lot cuter than girls who are super skinny.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away but not the emergency room. Stupid eating disorders, amirite?
You picked a #1 seed to win March Madness. amirite?

Repeattttt <3 Duke

Guys stop having 'sleepovers' after grade eight. It becomes "Hey dude wanna chill? After we can just crash at my house", amirite?

What are sleep overs? Don't you mean slumber parties?

Made me lol so hard, but I love rap, its the shitty "gangsta" rap that ruins the industry. Rappers like Chris Webby and Mac Miller are niiice.

You always wonder how the weatherman/woman knows what he's pointing to on the green screen, amirite?

Isn't there a TV right in front of them showing their every moves? Besides, when you work for a while, you will eventually know which day is monday and blah blah blah.

Katy Perry's dad is a preacher. She should not be singing about "melting popsicles.", amirite?

My dad is a doctor. I should never get sick.