If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?

You have no idea how long that took me to get that ;_;

Schrodinger's cat is dead, amirite?

We don't know until we open the box.

If you pretend to shake salt into your mouth, you can actually taste the salt, amirite?
A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her husband that she spent the night with a friend. Her husband called her 10 best friends; none of them knew about it.
A man came home one night. His wife called his ten best friends. 8 said he stayed over, and two claimed he was still there, amirite?

The best part was. And 2 friends say hes still there.

If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?
@mchristie Explain it to me..? :P I dont get it but i want to!

If I am 90 degrees, am I right. So basicly if hes a 90 degree angle, he must be a right angle.

If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?

It's alright Ant. Even perfect people make mistakes because everyone has those days.

Anthony works on amirite, plannin the POTDay. Someone left a note on his profile; it says “lolz ur site sux ok?" Ah, but dealin with trolls can give him a heart attack. He oughta know by now. Who needs all the trolls when you have mods, even if they aren’t paid in money? And it seems such a waste of time, but that’s what amirite’s about. You homepage 50 posts and then you run out, amirite?

When I first read this, I was like dude... what the fuck is this.

How many teenage girls does it take to change a lightbulb? Eleven: one to change the lightbulb and ten to each take 200 photos of the event for facebook, clog up your news feed, and later on edit the pictures to black and white, amirite?
@Prosopagnosia Most people here seem to completely despise girls like that...

Nope, actually they say they hate them, but it's because thats whats "cool" here. Also with good grammar and spelling. Even though my sentence was badly structured, but it doesn't matter, you get my drift.

It would be cool if amirite had a point system. Like submitting an amirite could be 5 points, voting could be 3 and commenting could be 2 and then the more points you get, the more cool add-ons you have. Like level 7 people could have colored backgrounds or an IM feature, amirite?

But then people would just post and post, comment and comment, and so on. and then make Amirite all spammy.

To guys: there was no writing on my shirt, so you couldn't have been reading that! amirite?

Well if you weren't wearing fucking 20 inch cleavage shirts, we wouldn't be looking.

Today, I saw anthony on an airplane. But it sucks that I was way too shy to say something, amirite?

Which airplane d smilie

Most teenagers don't know shit about politics and current events, they just want to seem opinionated and intelligent without even putting in any effort. ex. "I support Obama!" translation: "I like Obama's campaign slogan! Plus my parents are Democrats!" We need to actually start knowing facts. amirite?

I sure know jack shit about the government, but I know some people my age that are actually interested in this stuff.

You would totally give Anthony a BJ for him to make one of your posts Post of the Day, amirite?
i dont like Anthony; owner of this site. he seems like a jerk, amirite?

God he is the biggest jerk ever. I hope he gets banned!