About me.

Creepin' on me? d smilie

A-Connour ~ Happy assed Australian
Adrian ~ Will one day hang out with me. It shall be fun.
Amp ~ Greatness
Andrea ~ She's beautiful and lovely.
Anny ~ Loves his name
Beastiest ~ Lives on an island under the cloud cover.
Cat ~ Gave me herpes
Cee ~ Secretly not racist
Christian ~ My favorite Brit.
Conor ~ Thinks I'm a bird abuser
Crash ~ Assassinated me. We're still friends.
Daisy - Beautiful brother/awesome niece.
Dana ~ Is a purple cookie monster
Deena ~ She's the Egyptian Dana
Hands ~ Valentine forever
Hilary ~ Adorable Canadian
Jami ~ Doesn't take dares
Johnny - My Kiwi party buddy
Katja ~ Is pretty.
Katie ~ Is my gay boyfriend.
Katrin ~ The German in Nebraska.
Maria ~ Pretty girl with a pretty name. I owe her a rubber ducky.
Mike ~ B.C. drivers can't drive.
Oliver ~ The British chap that actually says "cheerio".
Panda ~ Lives in Chicago and has a nose
Pingu ~ Has never been anywhere. Like ever.
Scup ~ Is beautiful
Skittle ~ My fiancee.
Taco ~ Thinks he's hilarious
Taja ~ Is offended
Thinker ~ The most amazing Lady Gaga
Thomas ~ Doesn't like me asking so many questions.
Twitchehhh ~ Needs to get up to something.


Bff'd to: Connour l smilie