Some people don't realize that the challenge hunting for a bargain can be more fun than having a vast supply of money and buying whatever you want, amirite?

I have to do that. It's not really that great because I have to look for stuff based on price instead of what I like, and the ugliest clothes are the cheap ones.

Make Food gardening a curriculum in all schools.

By curriculum, do you mean that it would be a requirement, or just an available option in schools?

The top comments on Vine videos are so repetitive now a days. The comments are either memes, waffle recipes, Miley Cyrus jokes, Brazil comments, or "Who else watched this more than once". What happen to the witty original comments that were funny, Amirite?

So basically, the main people who watch Vine videos are YouTube commenters hehe smilie

Edward Scissor Hands was the first 'scary' movie that you ever saw, amirite?

Jason X, but i freaked out and only saw the first 5 minutes.

When I get blocked on any site, I feel...
@fuzala I didn't notice the "I don't know, do you" stuff until the end of 2012

I'm not sure why that is then. People were a lot more serious about the posting format a couple of years ago (not in 2009 though), so if something wasn't in the right format, someone would definitely call you out on it.

Drew Barrymore is pretty but the covergirl commercials don't flatter her, amirite?

I thought I was the only one who thought this! They make her look really strange.

Recycling is a perfect way to keep the earth going, but why don't I see much of this happening?
@purplegirl Yeah, I see the issue here. Despite all that, isn't there still a way for us to develop a green future?

There is still a way, but people don't want to do anything that slightly inconveniences them. If more people don't become more willing to make a change, it isn't going to happen.

Truthfully, everybody has at least once judged a book by its cover. amirite?

Sometimes I have to, because my school puts their tag over the info at the back of the book.

And I think you would know, Poopie.

Beauty or Empathy?

I'm too beautiful to need empathy smirk smilie


Oh yeah, I must have been thinking of something else.

Saying someone elses marriage is against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet, amirite?
@Is it weird to anyone else that "doughnut" is spelled the way it is?

No, because that is the way that most people spell it.

you shouldn't break a promise unless it's an emergency, amirite?

True. If the secret is only going to hurt them, I'm going to tell someone. They'll thank me later.

You'd think that since it's happened three times now they'd call it NORMAL activity, amirite?
Even after weeks from now I'd still be unusual for you to write "2014", amirite?
@fuzala you don't have to write any papers? WHAAAAT? I have to force myself to like writing those

Yep. The reason why is that I took AP classes in high school, so instead of 3 English classes, I only had to take 1 (although I took two by accident)

Why do you have to force yourself? Writing papers should fill everyone with natural joy maniac smilie

If you argue that aborting a fetus is wrong because it is cutting off potential life, then by that logic, any moment when a woman isn't pregnant is wasting potential. I mean, seriously, why are you even reading this right now when you could be getting nasty? This is a matter of life and death! Amirite?
@gene I guess that's true. But even then I'll repeat what I said before. Non-decent life > No life at all And even then...

I know, and I'm actually on the fence about abortion, but I just don't think that people should act as if everything will be all right if a mother has her baby.