Religious people: It sucks when you have a great facebook status but it would offend the members of your church/make everyone think that you're an atheist, amirite?

Do you mean a status that has swear words or is a dirty joke?

If America was even half as racially backward as those who are upset by the Zimmerman trial outcome are claiming, we would NOT have a black man sitting in the Oval Office. Amirite?
@freespeechfreelancer No, of course I did not mean it that way. But blacks promote racism far more than other groups do towards them...

I was actually replying to Purplatious. I also said in my comment that I know that Purplatious wasn't trying to imply that black people weren't people. My question was simply wondering if the term "blacks" to discuss black people is a term that could be considered objectifying in some sense.

For example, when you say "black people" it implies that they are people, but they have the characteristic of being black. When you say "blacks" or "as a black" as Purplatious said in his comment, it implies that the only characteristic of all black people is their skin color.

I'm generally not a person that is obsessed with being politically correct, which is why I asked if I was being oversensitive. Part of why I wondered if I was being oversensitive is because I am a black person, so I was considering the possibility of having some level of bias.

In reply to your comment, you say that "blacks promote racism far more than other groups do towards them". I am not agreeing or disagreeing with your statement, but do you see how people could be offended by such a generalized statement? Not all black people promote racism, so simply saying some black people would make that statement much easier to agree with. By saying "blacks'' you lump all black people together into the same group, even though we are not all guilty of your statement.
Once again, I'm sure that you didn't mean it that way, but do you see how it is possible to view it like that?

Man's greatest motivating force is his ability & taste to please woman. Amirite?

I initially disagreed, then I remembered that I'm female, so I have no idea.