It's a terrible feeling when you're hungry, but you don't feel like eating, amirite?

It's even worse when you're hungry but don't feel like cooking. This is me every day.

When I get blocked on any site, I feel...
@fuzala because I do what I want

Well, someone is letting the moderator status go their head smirk smilie

You would be happy to give your friend your leftover lunch after you've had enough to eat. You would gladly let them have a pair of pants that no longer fit you. You would have no qualms letting them take a dogeared book you've read too many times to enjoy anymore. But woe unto them if they want to date your ex. Why is that? Amirite?

Because your ex is not a pair of pants or leftover lunch. You had, or sometimes have, an emotional attachment to your ex that you often don't have to inanimate objects. I think it's stupid to be mad that your friend is dating your ex, but I don't think this is a good comparison.

Girls: Sometimes you feel pressure to take really challenging math and science classes just to prove you can, even though you might not actually want to, amirite?

I take those classes because I want to. Nobody pressures me into it.

Hello Amiwriters, this is my attempt at revisiting an older part of my life which I left alone for quite sometime (this account), so I would like you all to tell me how you feel about this site as it currently is. When I left there was a lot of people complaining about changes in it the format and the new users being new. I would like to think the community has gone back to a whole and all is swell with the daily friendly arguments. So to restate my question, " How do you feel about Amirite?" (I'll try to post something more interesting next time)
@Jonesy Thanks for the input, is that old time machine joke with the poor grammar still running? I liked that one lol

It's been so long! I completely forgot about that joke. None of the newer, and more prominent users know about it, so I haven't heard it in months.

Also, *macne

I feel like you're being sarcastic.

Reading Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. It redefines agony, torture and hell. Bella has the personality of a bowl of cooked oats.

Why are you still reading it? You shouldn't hate read a book (or an entire series, like I have done multiple times), because that defeats the purpose of reading it.

You don't like how you look naked, amirite?

I don't like how I look naked, but I still enjoy being naked.

@ItsATrap It was a trap! I'm sorry

It's okay! I would have been offended if you didn't make that joke hehe smilie

Why do girls have trouble being friends with other girls, compared to [girls] being friends with guys?
You hate it when people talk while the teacher gives instructions, and then asks you what to do right after the teacher is done talking. amirite?

There is this guy who sits next to me who does this exact thing. I think part of it is also an extreme lack of common sense.

You've taken your phone out more than once when you were waiting for someone so you wouldn't just awkwardly stand there, amirite?
@ZebraLizard S

Was that really necessary?

If you were on the Price is Right and someone bid 1$ above your bid, you'd have no problem bitch slapping them on television. amirite?
Just because you don't support marriage rights for gays doesn't mean you hate them, amirite?
@CastleSkyles So she has gay "friends" but she just doesn't see them has deserving of the same rights? Sounds a bit intolerant to me.

I've always found that to be strange. How can you be friends with someone knowing that they don't accept an uncontrollable part of who you are?

You don't know Adele's last name, amirite?
@Atkins is the name of a diet program...haha which is strangley apt for her haha thats so funny

None of the above argument matters because her last name is Adkins, not Atkins smirk smilie.