When I get blocked on any site, I feel...
@fuzala because I do what I want

Well, someone is letting the moderator status go their head smirk smilie

Reading Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. It redefines agony, torture and hell. Bella has the personality of a bowl of cooked oats.

Why are you still reading it? You shouldn't hate read a book (or an entire series, like I have done multiple times), because that defeats the purpose of reading it.

It's strange that most people use the pronoun "he" to refer to god, as it should be gender ambiguous, amirite?

I think there are a couple of reasons for this. As others have said, he is the default pronoun for people, especially around the time that the Bible was written and became more widespread. During this same period of time, men were always thought of as the dominant, strong, and powerful ones, and when you think about it, people often use these exact same adjectives to describe God. It can be agreed upon that majority of the world didn't believe women could or should be dominant or strong, so it makes perfect sense to assign God the same pronoun that men receive.

When I get blocked on any site, I feel...

This is sort of unrelated, but why is there no "other" option?

Too much drama is just disgusting sometimes!! STOP BEING DRAMATIC YOU PIECE OF S&@#, amirite?!

This is a pretty dramatic post.

I know it's been a year but sometimes it feels really weird not to be wearing my ring.

...Are you going to provide any context for this post?

My quartet members live 100 miles apart; does anyone have an engineering solution that will enable us to 'virtually' rehearse in real time ?

I doubt I can help (I don't know enough about technology or music), but if you guys were all together, where would you normally rehearse? I feel like it might be more possible to find a solution that virtually replicates that environment if we knew that.

Think of the future.

I'm often awake throughout the night these days, I just usually don't do much on amirite late at night.

The fact is, you weren't expecting this drawing to be complete blackness.

I saw the post without the picture originally, so I was hoping that you were messing with me and that the drawing would be a rainbow or something.

I have a right to be pissed that my bf never mentioned his ex texted him he shouldn't be hiding things from me, amirite?

Why don't you believe that two people who tell each other everything can have a healthy relationship? I feel like some people genuinely want to tell their significant other everything. I personally could never be in a relationship like that, but I don't see why it's impossible.

I don't think her anger is completely unjustified. I actually can kind of see where she's coming from. By her boyfriend not saying anything, it either means that it's because her boyfriend doesn't care about his ex, or because he does, and he wants to keep that a secret from his current girlfriend.

Most probably, he just didn't think it was important enough to mention, but I can see how another person would see it differently.

I have a right to be pissed that my bf never mentioned his ex texted him he shouldn't be hiding things from me, amirite?

I think it depends on both the people and the relationship. Some couples tell each other everything, and neither are in the other's pocket. There are also couples who have their own secrets, and both are completely fine with that.

Neither relationship is the "right" or the "wrong" one to have, as long as it's healthy relationship.

Why do ethnic and racial minorities have an academic achievement gap compared to the White majority? Is there one primary reason, or is it difficult to pinpoint?

Where are you talking about? If you're talking about the entire world, "minorities" are above the White majority in academics, while if you are just talking about America, it is the opposite. This post really could go either way.

It's too easy to get homepaged now, amirite?
@fuzala what's his website?


It has all of his websites on there, and he mentions that he sold amirite? in 2012.

It's too easy to get homepaged now, amirite?
@fuzala what do you expect? not enough new posts so there's not much else to hp "Now, posts do not get nearly as many...

This explains a lot. I've noticed that a lot of old posts on the homepage. I'm most probably exaggerating a little bit, but I would say that a third of the posts there are posts that are very old, many of which were already homepaged.

This also explains the annoying "post your thoughts now!" notification, now that I think about it.