You were kind of ticked off that, in the Last Airbender movie, they pronounced Sokka and Aang's names wrong but pronounced Zuko's name right, amirite?

Try just generally pissed at the whole movie....

Being an anime character would actually be quite fun. You could eat sweets without getting fat, perform alchemy, be a ninja, kill people you hated with just a notebook, have crazy hair, and so on, amirite?

That;s like saying "music sucks". There are so many different genres, you have no idea unless you look.

All Americans descended from illegal immigrants, amirite?

No, I'm descended from immigrants from Germany, Poland, and Italy, who all came to America legally, thank you. They all learned English, payed taxes, and were happy to be able to call themselves American.

Girls: You sort of die a little on the inside when you see a REALLY ugly/fat girl with a really good looking guy. Makes you feel hopeless in a way. amirite?

Are you kidding? It gives me hope! It's when I only see beautiful guys and girls together that just makes it seem like my fate is sealed.

don't you hate when your 13 and never had a boyfriend, amirite?

I'm 16,and I've never had a boyfriend. Know why? Because I recognize that those feelings that I "HAVE" to have a boyfriend are really just hormones. I haven't found the right guy yet. I don't need one to be happy. That's just a load of bullshit.

Sometimes you just need to be antisocial, amirite?

It's not even really being "antisocial" either, it's just some "me" time.

Toddlers should not be competing for tiaras in beauty pageants, amirite?

Those parents obviously have no idea what values (or lack there of) they are instilling in their children....Not to mention they are just asking for their kids to be total bitches when they get older.

It's officially summer when lightning bugs come out, amirite?

Unless you live on the west coast....

According to many pictures on facebook a lot of girls must be really proud of their bathrooms. amirite?

shrug It has the best lighting

Right now; Someone is fighting against cancer. Someone just had a new baby. Someone just got engaged. Someone just won the lottery. Someone just died. Someone just got heartbroken. Someones crying. Someones scared. Someone just lost their everything. Just because its another day for you, it's something else for someone else. amirite?

How can anyone disagree with this?

If a woman gets pregnant after using protection and keeps the baby even though the father expressed early in the pregnancy that he didn't want it and that she should look into abortion/adoption, he shouldn't have to pay child support. amirite?

Stuff happens; step up and take responsibility.

You're excited for school to start, amirite?
@Kate Since I'm starting High School I'm nervous and excited. Only 4 more days of summer

Be open to meeting people! If you don't you'll regret it later. I'm a senior now, and I certainly do. Get involved, and join clubs that look interesting ~ Don't worry, all the other freshmen are in the same boat as you :) Good luck~

It gets really hot, so you bring down all your fans from the loft. It them promptly rains for the entire summer. amirite?

The OP must not live in California... it gets hot and just gets hotter.

It's weird to know that a devout Christian wants to bone you. Because they aren't supposed to think dirty thoughts! am I right?

OP should at the very least spell 'amirite' correctly, amirite?

You're excited for school to start, amirite?

I'm excited now, but I know after two days I'll just be like, "OK, when is this shit over?"