About me.

Me llamo Parker. I hail from Texas, America
(That's predominantly all the Spanish I know. That, and "Donde esta la biblioteca?")

I'm pretty much king at Pokemon. Gold's my favorite. I like emulators because you get the game done lickity-split.

Also, people should use "lickity-split" more often. It's a wonderful expression.

I do theater. The last show we did was "Grease." I was the pervert (Sonny). I'm normally cast as the goofball.

I often quote musicals at inappropriate times. It's a problem.

I'm sarcastic, but not in a dick way.

I do Xbox, although I prefer Nintendo 64. Favorite games: Pokemon Snap, Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, and Fallout 3. In that order.

Because of rehearsal and stuff, I wind up getting home at 6 every evening. So I wind up doing homework the day of.
Lunch is no longer Lunch; it's study hall with food.

On that note, cafeteria food isn't as bad as you think.

I watch SNL every week unless it's a rerun.

TV: Scrubs, SNL, Pawn Stars, Community.

I put the power in powerade.

I don't take things seriously. Except cancer. That shit's real.

Favorite music: Barenaked Ladies, Modest Mouse, and The Beatles.

I'm not a talker. Don't expect it.