The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate is...

Falling in love, to a awesome and cute tomboy, is always better then chocolate on any day.

Happy Birthday :D

A man implies you're his soul mate...then a week later he's with another woman. What is Wrong with you people!
Everything goes better with ____!

A cream pie to smash to the face

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Smiling feels nice...So, let's light up the place a little, shall we? Put something that makes you laugh, please :D

Its mystery, of whats below the ocean interests me. Regardless if its lovely and horrorific


Thank Man. Usually I drop by once in awhile but i'll try to stick for a bit

"oh boy, here we go again" XD

Would You Rather Only Eat With Chopsticks or Only Eat With No Hands?
Should Pokémon Go be outlawed? Driver slams into police vehicle while playing Pokémon...

pokemon go brings a community together with complete strangers and get to talk to each other more. It unifies us and yes I know there are incidents like this but its only a few, not the many.

FYI. Hiroshima and Nagasaki memorials happening now. We will always remember...

the many Human lives that were taken by the atomic fire and show the dangers of total atomic annihalation.

If anything, what will absolutely not be tolerated in your world?

political correctness

A debate is better with a certain level of emotional disconnection

I prefer a dispassionate discussions, that way, debates are quite pleasant and not so violent. Not saying I always prefer this, a bit of emotion is not so bad, especially expression their ideas/belief/opinions on topics. Just not emotional where yelling in all caps happens in the debate. Which honestly, if the person is yelling, then they honestly lost the argument most of the time.

Do you feel safe around your friends? Do you enjoy being surrounded by them and having your own little fun stuff?

My friends have there for me in the darkness of times. And even through the brightest of times as well. Especially my closest friend and my lover has been there for me. I consider them as Family.