Since water never naturally leave the Earth and just cycles, rain is actually purified and diluted dinosaur pee. amirite?
Killing someone in real life will grant you with a positive KDR. amirite?
@Tomyseptic Time alive has nothing to do with a k/d ratio. It's just kills divided by deaths. Everyone is guaranteed to die...

But because im longer dead, my kd will be 1 forever, and it will be 1/0 for some years. In games KD is also measured after your death

If killing animals for taste is right then why killing them for fun is wrong. amirite?

If you dont understand the difference then something is seriously wrong with you.
There is a difference between killing animals for food and taking pleasure in their deaths.

Good dreams turn into bad dreams when you wake up from them. amirite?
Everything is a scavenger hunt if you have dementia, amirite?
We categorize our food by how it looks, not how it tastes or how it smells, amirite?
Dogs wouldn't even know what to do with thumbs if they had them. amirite?

Oh! But Apes do!?

Getting your child braces is the basically same as getting your child plastic surgery. amirite?

God you're a moron OP.

Contrary to popular belief, breathing is performed by the lungs in the human body. amirite?

We breathe through the 9 holes in our castles

The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?

I imagine there are people that do the same with the meat patties in burgers but I have never heard of or seen one.

When two people have different ideologies, they will only view things with a biased perspective and discard anything that sways them from their ideology, even if it's the truth. amirite?
The only people who don't hate flies are deaf people. amirite?

My brother is deaf. He also hates flies

Life brings one single inevitability. Death. amirite?

that and the fact that you do need to be alive before you die... anything else would be nothing :P

People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

Any vehicle is capable of having an asshole in it but the ones that stand out are the motorcycle riders. Not the Harley kind but the Kawasaki Ninja and any related type, I don't know if I've ever seen one actually even somewhat obey the speed limit and not weave through traffic or generally try to kill themselves or others.

Frodo was the only owner of the ring to never use it in battle, amirite?
@bertlp He used it when he was in battle and hid from the ring wraiths I believe it's fellowship that he does and again in...

He got stabbed, he didn't really fight. He used the ring to hide in every fight he had. He never attacked anyone while wearing the ring