A good way to tell if someone's too young for you: divide your own age by two and add 7. If they're under that number, too young. amirite?
@DanielJames That would make it okay for a two year old to date an eight year old.

Yeah, cause there's loads of 2 and 8 year olds on the dating scene anyway.

How did the worst swearword in the English language come to be interchangeable with the word "love," amirite?

It's not really applicable in music either:

"She fucks you! Yeah, yeah yeah...You think you lost your fuck, when I saw you yesterday.."

"Well that's alright cause I fuck the way you lie"

"I'm not gonna write you a fuck song..."

Actually, this could be a a pretty amusing game.

When guys go down on a girl they shouldn't act as an afraid and naive kitten that only give little licks, they should be like the ferocious and strong lion who's always hungry. amirite?
You have sexted before, amirite?

It's where you put the phone to vibrate and insert it into your vagina then go about your daily business. Then your day turns into a kind of depraved russian roulette; waiting for someone to text or ring you when you finally collapse in a public show of orgasmic bliss.

Or it might be something else, I dunno.

You hate that inferior feeling you get when you're in a room full of beautiful people and you feel ugly, amirite?

I get this all the time in hall of mirrors.

nothing is more akward than your freind's father arguing with you about your lack of religion. Amirite?

I can think of things more awkward. Like if you were masturbating on the computer, your mum came in, you minimised the porn window and the window underneath was a photo album on your sister's facebook.

THAT would be more awkward.

When you were in elementary the teachers always said they were getting you ready for middle school. The middle school teachers always said they were getting you ready for high school but in all reality high school is so much easier than they all said, amirite?

And in high school, they should really be getting you ready for independent 'real life'; but they don't!

A person with a vagina is called a woman. A person with a penis is called a man. A person with both a penis and a vagina is called an hermaphrodite but what about people that don't have any sexual organs, amirite?

A eunuch is a man who's been castrated, so clearly that isn't an appropriate definition.

I'd go for Rosie O'Donnell.

People who try to censor the internet are fucking idiots. amirite?

yeah I agree. People who censor the internet are [really] [wonderful] [guys]!

They make me want to [kiss puppies and help orphans] and I hope they [have a handsome pension scheme]

It's awkward when you're in an unfamiliar area and someone asks you for directions.. Like what do you tell them? amirite?

why do people on this site use awkward to describe almost any social situation

"Hey, do you know where the nearest cash machine is?"
"No I'm sorry I don't really know the area"
"Ok no problem, thanks anyway"

What the fuck is awkward about that?

It would seriously suck if you had a friend on the internet for years, but never actually met them, and they turn out to be some really dedicated pedophile, amirite?

It seriously sucks when you're a dedicated paedophile who invests years into a relationship and you still don't get to meet your prey. :(

There should be a new year's day website that has all of the embarrassing posts/pictures/stories from the night before. amirite?

It's called facebook.

Girls, did u ever think that when you say a guy is small maybe ur just loose? amirite?

Someone sounds bitter.

Guys: You would rather have sex with a virgin than a whore, amirite?

As for the actual question, it really depends. How sexually active someone is doesn't define them as a person. I'd just rather have sex with someone who I like and find attractive; regardless of whether they're a whore or a virgin.

You despise people who are only voting for Romeny so they don't have to vote for Obama,

There's probably just as many, if not more, people voting for Obama so they don't have to vote for Romney - you probably just don't mind it as much because you're a democrat, or have leftist leanings.

Ultimately, this is the problem with 2 party politics.