About me.

Hey everyone! My best friend is famous, don't crowd him! We meet on platform 9 3/4 and he's been living in a cupboard underneath some stairs, how cool is that? I have another "friend" her name is---OH MY GOOD NIGHT TROLL! Her name is like Hermononucleosis, I think. I have a pet rat named Scabbers and he has been in my family for like 100 years and I think we found him on the same night Harry's parents died, weird.
Favorite Aimee Mann song on three - one, two, three.
Red Vines.
Favorite color vines other than green.
Red Vines.
Favorite way to say 'red wines' in a German accent.
Red Vines -- OH MY GOD!
I also don't go anywhere with out a snack it is just a rule! I am not gonna go find a boss Zefron poster with my best friend, Harry, and Voldemort is going down and everything will be alright after a delicious Red Vine!