Some porn, you just look at and say "who the fuck would watch that", amirite?

Whoever says no way are the ones that watch it.

Being bisexual is just slutty. Pick a gender and stay with it, amirite?
@PurpleKneeSox I know more slutty straight people than bisexual.

I'm sure you know quite a few more straight people than bisexual.

Etc. Not ect.

People from colder northern states: you're jealous that the southern states get a day off at the slightest dusting of snow, amirite?

People in colder northern states: its been over 105 degrees here in oklahoma every single day for a month and a half and I would not be surprised at all if it got over 120 before the summers over so we have to appreciate any and all snow we get. We usually just get ice storms though.

AMERICA's Got Talent shouldn't have BRITISH judges, amirite?

Let's be fair now... They have a canadian judge too.

Whenever they mention your state(the one that is not important at all) on a TV show you get excited, amirite?

Oklahoma bitches.

"Wow, you look really nice today!" can be both a compliment and a slap in the face. Did I look really ugly yesterday or something, amirite?

Only if you're a woman or a girly man.

If you have to use the excuses, "It's my life," or "I'm not hurting anyone," you know that there is SOMETHING wrong with what you're doing. It's as simple as that, amirite?

I like how twisted memories was talking about someone ignoring the point and then proceeded to do so in the argument that followed.

The best books to reread are the Harry Potter books because then you can see all the crazy foreshadowing you missed when reading them the first time. Like in Chamber of Secrets: "holy shit, Harry feels close to the diary because they're both Horcruxs, how did I miss that?", amirite?

Y'all should get into some grown up fiction and read the wheel of time books. Also Snape kills Dumbledore.

dumb blonde jokes always seem to be about GIRL blondes. amirite?

That's because blonde boys aren't dumb. They're evil...

It sucks when you go to a restaurant, want Coke but all they have is Pepsi, then realize you're black in 1960's Alabama and get beaten by the KKK, amirite?

Wth? A black person would be thrilled if they only had pepsi.

Demetri Martin is the only person who can be insanely hilarious yet ridiculously awkward at the same time, amirite?

Mitch hedberg.

If there really was a closet full of gay guys why would one ever come out? amirite?

Im straight and if I was in a closet full of women I'd get the hell out of there. Unless they kicked me out first to make more room for shoes.

Unless he named his penis lucky.

I think its still an original idea if you came up with it without seeing it somewhere before. Its just a coincidence that someone else thought of it earlier.