Even though it feels like holidays like New Years or Christmas are celebrated everywhere, there isn't a single holiday that is universally celebrated by every human, amirite?
When you watch one of the Harry Potter series on TV, you feel a sense of fear when Potter goes out the the castle when it's night, amirite?
People who bite their own toenails are weird, amirite?

I do. Bad habit, I know.

People on the night of 4/19 tend to leave their contacts in accidentally, amirite?
@puhhhrincess I dont get this? Someone explain please?

On 4/20 they are high so they blame their bloodshot eyes on their contacts.

You have a pet peeve that started because of someone that is around you often, amirite?
@MR_ breathing

yes! My best friend sometimes breathes super loud and I can't stand it!

You remember Plankton's version of the FUN song better than Spongebob's, amirite?
All Spanish teachers have a creepy side, amirite?

My Spanish teacher had a husband from Peru. And then he killed himself. Because he was caught with child pornography.

I win.

The one fitness test you don't hate doing is the sit-and-reach, amirite?
There's never anything to watch on Sunday, amirite?

I always end up watching Ugly Betty.

AT&T always treats me like I have no shirt and no shoes, amirite?

At first I thought you meant No Problems. Wow.

People always describe smells in relation to other smells, such as "it smells like oranges,", amirite?

My friend said that the cafeteria green beans "tasted like airport".

It's scary to think, that there are still Nazi's and KKK members out there. amirite?

I was at McDonald's with my boyfriend (who's black) and we saw a guy with homemade swastika and "KKK" tattoos. It was quite unsettling.

You've never actually met a grandma that carries hard candies in her purse, amirite?

Mine does. Especially at sporting events. She just whips the bag right out.

Kids should never name their pet "virginity" because if they lose it, they've got some explaining to do to their parents. amirite?
When you try to picture an orphanage, you just end up picturing the one from "Annie," amirite?