You are excited to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in theatres, amirite?

Omg you can't even imagine how excited i am!!! :)

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?
@(LittleMissAwesome):"the closer to the equator you are, the lighter your hair color is". Thats A FACT! Heres...

Hansa: You're wrong! give it up! Jeeze! Hair color does not determine your race. stop arguing!

When you think about it, saying all blondes are dumb isn't stereotypic, its racist. amirite?
It's horribly sad when some one posts "rip Dad. miss you so much. <3" as their facebook status. But really, facebook isn't the place for that; it seems a bit fake. amirite?
@tombe322 Isn't that part of Facebook's purpose? Expressing what you are thinking to friends?

exactly. and it's a way of telling people what's going on. so people know what happened.

If anyone were to, uh, need anything, all they'd have to do is follow the spiders, amirite?

Follow the SPIDERS? why couldn't it be follow the BUTTERFLIES?

The World Taekwondo Federation has an unfortunate acronym, amirite?
Some shows that are educational are actually kind of interesting, like "How It's Made" on the Science Channel, amirite?

Oh my god I absolutely love that show! Isn't it sweet? :)

Any Harry Potter fan has thought about and decided which house they think they would get sorted into, mines Ravenclaw :) amirite?

I would probably be ravenclaw but maybe gryffindor. But ravenclaw is definately most likely.. :)

Everyone says cats "meow" but i think it sounds more like "Reaaaaw" personally. amirite?
@Trazzz My cat says "Meh".

you have one awesome cat then! :)

Your friends see the gay guy that Kurt likes, you see Harry Freakin' Potter, amirite?

oh the great majority of my friends see harry freakin potter as well :)

Isn't it awkward when somebody asks about a relative who passed away? amirite?
I hate the name Ann, but I want to name my future daughter Natalie Ann just because it sounds nice. That's kind of weird, amirite?

You could use Marie or May :)

I'm Cho Chang, y'all! amirite?
@Racist sister!

Darn. I was going to say that!


I know people that did it in 5th grade when aim was popular.. but not anymore haha it doesnt bug me either.. though the posts about it do. haha

You're super excited a bout Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. amirite?

Me and my best friend are dressing up in robes and going to the midnight permier! I can't wait! :D