Putting religious sayings on public buildings is unconstitutional, especially since they will most likely use public money to do it, amirite?

Well it could be both, couldn't it? Either way, motive is irrelevant if the reasoning is correct.

ryan gosling is a very good actor, except for that piece of garbage he made called the notebook, amirite?
@Snicker Nicholas Sparks is a terrible writer. His novellas are trite sentimental, obvious pieces of schlock for the masses...

You're stating all your personal beliefs like they're fact.. In my opinion Nicholas Sparks is a pretty decent writer in regards to diction, flow, etc. His plots are often cliche, yes, but some people enjoy that- everyone looks for different things when reading, and some people like sappy stories that will make them cry- they know they can get that from his writing. I think he does his job well. As for Gosling 'degrading' himself by starring in that film- that's just a baseless opinion. Obviously he thought otherwise or else he wouldn't have done it- and frankly I think he did an awesome job with bringing real depth into his character. Just because you dislike a story it doesn't mean everything connected to it is shit as well.

It's weird that society believes female breasts are okay to publicly show, as long as the nipples are covered, but men can openly show their nipples. They are not so different that one is more 'obscene' than the other. amirite?

You're right! Silly me. Rather than trying to stop a double standard and live life freely wherever I want, I'll just move across the country. I mean, with my way we're squashing a social stigma, but your way seems so much more logical.

it really stinks when you forget to put on deodorant. amirite?
@No shit.

there's laxatives for that sort of thing.

The song "the edge of glory" sucks WAAAAY more than friday, amirite?

Nothing against Lady Gaga, but that song drives me mental. At least Friday is fun to sing and dance to, all The Edge of Glory is is Gaga screaming I'M ON THE EDGE! for 3 minutes. We get it. You're on the edge.

It's frustrating how there can be Gay Pride parades and Black History month, but if there was a Straight Pride parade or White History month, people would freak out, amirite?
@I'm pretty sure no one has ever been told 'it's a sin to be straight!' or 'I'm better than you because you're black...

I'm not saying there isn't reverse racism/prejudice against whites and/or heterosexuals- I'm just saying it's never been systematic- minorities of all sorts (not just racially) are regularly targeted socially, economically, politically, and in the media. Both blacks and homosexuals specifically have had very extreme histories in terms of how they were treated in American society- to the point where it was at one point acceptable to kill them solely based on that one attribute. Even now, in 2012, our half-black president has to regularly defend himself against all kinds of accusations concerning his cultural background from political and media figures. And homosexuals still cannot have legal marriages in most states, have trouble with adoption, and are regularly censored/silenced in various social/professional settings. When it comes to homosexuality, a frightening amount of people believe it's a mental illness, or support ideas like 'praying the gay away', 'curing gays', gay exorcisms, etc. Nothing near this caliber can be said for whites/heteros- a handful of people being idiots towards white people is not the equivalent of systematic oppression.

If your house were to get possessed by a spirt or whatever like in Paranormal Activity, you would have some fun with it. Like if it were to start pounding and making noises, you would make louder noises and compete with it. amirite?

no. i'd piss my self and never go in the house again.

If you think about it, the concept of reading harry potter books is flat out disgusting, amirite?


You do not have a legitimate phobia, amirite?

Plot twist: OP is Jigsaw and you will be forced to face your fear in the near future.

On the off chance this is true: I'm afraid of large amounts of money and Brad Pitt.

You're not who you dreamed you'd be as a child, amirite?

I'm not even who I dream to be now.

Most real sports require a ball/puck, a defense, and an offense, amirite?

Sport: Noun:
An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.

People who have the mentality that sports should all conform to a certain criteria are very frustrating. How would having a ball validate one sport more than the other? It's irrelevant.

Girls: When you go out you always sit in a lady-like position, but as soon as you get home you sit like a man, with your legs all spread out, amirite?

How is it that we as a society are comfortable with gender specifying different ways of sitting? I hate when people tell me to 'sit like a lady'- I'll sit however I'm comfortable my gender is irrelevant.

Men & Women have been fighting about the toilet seat for years. While sitting on the toilet seat, the winning argument suddenly came to me- Men should put the seat back down because BOTH men and women poop while sitting down. amirite?

Why wouldn't the woman leave it down and the man up? This way, everyone's doing the same amount of work and it's not a hassle to remember because you're leaving it however it currently is. Sorted.

It's annoying how the majority of girls these days feel the need to straighten their hair and do their makeup EVERY day, amirite?

Yeah how dare they ...? What.