Once in a while you wish your eyes were a different color. But then remember how fucking sexy you are and realize it doesn't matter what color your eyes are, because you're fucking sexy, amirite?
Technically, the moon belongs to America; since they landed on it first and put their flag on it, amirite?
When you see someone in a Halloween costume, you get an idea of what kind of personality they have. An old fat guy in a banana suit, a twelve year old girl as a sexy bunny, a teenage guy as John Lennon. It's interesting how dressing up as someone you're not can tell so much about who you are, amirite?
You always accept free shit, even if it's not something you would normally want, amirite?

"A stress ball with the giant logo of an irrelevant company on it?! I've always wanted one of these!"

If you knew you were dying in 60 seconds, what would your last words be?

"I'm going ghost"

It's not cool for people to get at you for making out with boys. You were only seeing that other guy, amirite?
@Len You need to be a lot less vague than that.

C'mon, she was doing that thing with that guy and some people said some stuff which she may or may not have liked. How much more specific could she be?

Literally anything can be turned into a sport by adding the word "extreme" to it, amirite?

I'm actually going to compete this summer in extreme sitting-around-and-watching-tv-while-continuously-refreshing-sites-because-no one's-on. It's super intense.

if your first kiss is during "spin the bottle", it counts, amirite?
Animal testing may be wrong, but letting thousands of people die from possibly curable diseases is worse. amirite?
@GiggityGoo22 Are people really that concerned about mice?

while all these other people are right saying that many other types of animals are being tested on besides mice, why wouldn't we care about mice? a living thing is a living thing and just because it's smaller it doesn't mean it's somehow not as important as any other organism. if you test on it it will feel the excruciating pain any other living being would feel, so why dismiss that?

Animal testing may be wrong, but letting thousands of people die from possibly curable diseases is worse. amirite?
@wobbuffet Millions of animals in nature died today and suffered in the process. If some animals die for the benefit of...

i don't think you can compare dying of natural causes to dying from being cut open, injected with chemicals, and mutilated.

The opposite of love is not hate, it`s indifference. If you hate someone, you still care.

I think it's possible to hate someone without actually caring about them. For instance, I feel a little hatred towards Rush Limbaugh

Just because you have perfect grammar, does not mean you think you are better than anyone else, amirite?
Even though homosexuality is fine, it is also most definitely a defect, seeing as it doesn't populate the world with humans or animals, amirite?

Yeah, I think people who NW'd this aren't getting it. It's not saying homosexuality is morally wrong or anything, but scientifically speaking, it is a defect. The whole purpose of life is to keep on reproducing to help continue life. If some people don't want to reproduce (or physically can't, for that matter), then they're defective. Basically just reiterated what @capedcrusader said but oh well.

You gotta wonder how Carly's character was created, "I like Drakes evil little sister, but you know what would make her better? If she was a quirky web-show host.... oh and Crazy Steve should be her older brother", amirite?

crazy steve used to just be kind of weird.
but as spencer he's fucking hot.

Taylor Swifts songs all sound the same, amirite?