in america its always 'this is america, speak english' yet its okay for americans to go to any foreign country and speak english, amirite?

I don't understand why people get so offended when they encounter someone living in America who doesn't speak English (well or at all).. Like, sure it would probably be smart to learn the predominant language of the country, but it's not like it effects me in anyway. I work in retail where I have to deal with foreigners all the time and sometimes it's difficult to get through the language barrier but I don't feel the need to get angry about it. Jesus, calm yourselves.

Straight Girls: vaginas will always be slightly intimidating to you. Even your own, amirite?
@justfuckmeup But there isn't really physical evidence of that. You can't really tell when your body is making new skin cells...

I get what you're saying, but I just don't think that's intimidating. I mean, what about defecation? The body has just taken matter, absorbed all the nutrients and energy from it, and compacted the rest into waste- which can often be re-used as it's own product (manure), all by itself. Either way, I think we can agree that bodies are kind of awesome (I say this in the least serial-killery way possible).

Amish People: if you can see this your going to hell, amirite?


People should stop complaining about Justin Bieber and just let him make his music for the people that like it, amirite?
@duckshirt The thing is, 90% of pop music is really no better than he is. There is very little originality and meaning in all...

it's like the people who call miley cyrus a slut for wearing short shorts but praise lady gaga for being so 'original' and an 'artist' when she wears like, duct tape on her tits and nothing else.

Girls: if there were a button you could press that would rid your body of all it's hair, you'd press it, amirite?
@rowanne Never got why girls are so obsessed with being hairless. Seriously, it's just body hair. It's natural and most...

I realize it's a social thing, and a ridiculous one at that, I'm just saying you don't have to follow it. I'm a girl and the only body hair I regularly maintain is my bikini area because that's my personal preference. If I don't feel like shaving my legs I don't, and I leave my armpit hair natural usually. It's just ridiculous to me that many women are genuinely embarrassed to be seen with body hair- it's not something to be ashamed of. Stop acting like it's such a big deal, and it won't be. Society won't change unless you make it.

You go nuts when someone refers to Frankenstein's monster as Frankenstein, Amirite?

I don't like, burn down their village or some shit, but I do feel the need to explain the difference to them.

If we weren't supposed to chop down trees, why are they made out of paper, amirite?

People are acting as if she just up and messed around for the hell of it.. she was dealing with many problems, one of the biggest being her family and her father's treatment of them. Pile that on top of the pressures of being a young celebrity and the bad influences she came across daily and it's easy to see how she could fall down the wrong path. At least she's trying to get her life back together now, rather than spiral further than out of control. She screwed up, but I don't get why people CONSTANTLY have to talk about it.

It's kind of despicable when random people feel that they have a right to judge celebrities they've never met. You shouldn't talk about anyone, famous or not, like you know everything about them. Just do you.

I eat, I sleep, I poop. Life is good. amirite?

So cute :')

Guys never eat yogurt in commercials, amirite?
Some movies can never be remade. Don't tamper with a masterpiece, amirite?


Research is a leading cause of cancer in rats, amirite?

I'd like to discuss your username if you don't mind..

It's better to let 10 guilty men go free than put one innocent man in jail, amirite?

I don't really have a standpoint on this, but I'm just thinking; a lot of people are saying that someone innocent should not have to suffer, but by letting 10 criminals loose, I think you increase the risk of innocent people being harmed, and more than one for that matter. Just saying.

If no one can guess the gender of your child, it is probably time to dress them in gender-specific clothes. If you choose not to don't get upset everyone thinks your ugly baby girl is a boy... or mutant, amirite?

If a baby- or anyone for that matter- is gender-neutral it doesn't mean they're 'ugly', it simply means they're androgynous. On that note, most babies are neutral looking, and I actually think dressing your child neutrally is a very smart thing to do.

Girls: you sometimes wish you could just put your wallet in your pocket like guys instead of carrying a purse. amirite?

You know you can right? Like.. just.. put it in your pocket. That's literally all you have to do.. Maybe this is a 'read in between the lines' type thing.. Maybe OP is being forced by a gunman to carry her purse aroUND AND OH GOD SOMEONE CALL 911