Sometimes the PETA organization (the ones who called Obama a murderer for swatting a fly) can go just a tad bit overboard. amirite?

actually, they didn't call him a murderer. they said
"In a nutshell, our position is this: He isn't the Buddha, he's a human being, and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act." so, i don't know where you're getting your info.
article here:

Girls under 15 shouldn't be allowed to shop at Victoria's Secret, amirite?

i.. please tell me you're joking?

if your name is Miles in America does it change to Kilometers once you cross the border to Canada? amirite?
It's shockingly stupid how some girls find out their boyfriend is cheating on them, and instead of dumping the guy they fight each other for him, amirite?

THANK YOU. oh my god. so many people i know do this. it's like, why are you getting all pissed at them? your boyfriend is the one you trusted and HE was the one who was supposed to love you, not the girl.

Girls: When your truly in love with a guy. Your usually, check yourself out. More then you are checking how he looks. amirite?

Yeahhhh, I don't think that's love..

in america its always 'this is america, speak english' yet its okay for americans to go to any foreign country and speak english, amirite?
@Thinking about it, English is for England. shouldn't America have made their own language if they wanted...

It would have been faaaaar too complicated to create an entirely new language, let alone ensure every American became fluent in it. Pretty much all the languages used today have ancient origins- you can't just 'come up' with a new language on a whim. That being said, however, I think it could be argued that America does have it's own form of english that deviates significantly from the english spoken in the UK. We use different slang, different common phrases and terms, have different accents, etc. But addressing your native American point- yes, in theory, to stay true to the 'real' language/culture of America, we would have to embrace the native culture. Unfortunately most Americans like to ignore this.

When I push the unlock button once on my keys ALL THE DOORS SHOULD UNLOCK. amirite?

lapras is right- it's a safety feature created for security measures. specifically if you're trying to escape from an attacker.

You've shoplifted before, even if it was just a pack of sneakers, amirite?

Can't tell if OP meant 'pack of snickers' or 'pair of sneakers'...

Christopher Columbus: discovered nothing, kidnapped, enslaved & murdered natives & gets a national holiday honoring him? Well played, sir. amirite?
@he kinda discovered america, dumbass...

actually, native americans and vikings 'discovered' america wayyyyy before columbus. in fact, columbus only discovered islands in the Carribean area. Nothing except Puerto Rico is part of America there.

how about you stop calling people dumbass? it makes you look like a prick.

Guys: If you were a Skittle, you'd be green, that way you would have something in common with the green m&m, amirite?

This post just basically says "If you were a candy, you'd fuck the green m&m."

It's weird how magazines like Seventeen tell readers they should be happy in their own body and proud of how they look and then give the readers tips on how to lose weight and look better, amirite?

If anyone is interested, a girl actually did a really interesting social experiment a couple years ago concerning the content of seventeen and how it affects its readers.
Here's the blog if you want to go through it!

it really stinks when you forget to put on deodorant. amirite?
@Shortstopmwd also, you have no life if the current follo-up is true

dude. i'm 16, it's sunday morning. i'm fucking working on a paper and watching cartoons. of course i don't have a 'life'.

Employers should re-think how they pay workers. I can understand paying men more than females, seeing men are typically the breadwinners of a family, but employers should think about the lives of their workers. For example if one of the workers is a single mother of 3 kids, they should pay her the same as a male. And if a male worker has a wife who makes a 6 figure income, he can take a cut, a... amirite?

i could be wrong, but isn't that like if someone was on trial for say theft, and you decided to not punish them as harshly as you would another because they have kids?
personal life does not come into play; that just creates more prejudice. i don't care if it would be better for the families, if we started doing that then next thing we'll start making shit cheaper for people from broken homes and giving them more privileges than others.
people should get paid for their ability to do the job right. end of story.

When I say being gay is a sin, and you say "why does it matter if it's a sin? Why can't you just let them be happy?" is like say "Sure that guy murder 6 people, but killing makes him happy, so you shouldn't tell him it's wrong.", amirite?
@When it comes to something like religion, those are connections that have been made in your brain so many times...

i actually understand the concept of believing strongly in a religion. that's not my point. my point is that OP is pushing his beliefs on everyone and making offensive remarks when he has no proof to back it up. you can't use religious points in an argument because they don't constitute as facts. i'm not saying OP's religion is wrong or stupid, i'm saying that MANY people assume that their beliefs are the only right ones, so don't act like you're somehow infinitely wiser than everyone else.
i don't understand how i'm being intolerant, because honestly, THIS POST is the intolerant thing here. i'm defending mine, and other people's rights to practice any type of belief that they want (so long as it doesn't hurt anyone). OP is comparing homosexuality to murder. i mean really? he quoted the bible. awesome. watch me write a book saying "homosexuality is completely fine", get a bunch of followers, and then quote it. it's a shit argument.

There are some really weird fetishes out there, amirite?
@yesnomaybe That gif where a guy has a pole attatched at his waste an when he sees a girl, starts thrusting the pole upwards to...