It's frustrating how there can be Gay Pride parades and Black History month, but if there was a Straight Pride parade or White History month, people would freak out, amirite?
On TV shows and movies, tech experts and hackers only ever seem to use their keyboards. It's weird that they never need to use their mouses, amirite?

and it's always really dark; all you can see is the reflection of the monitor with some matrix shit going on.

If it's disrespectful to build a Mosque near Ground Zero because the terrorists were Muslims, then it should be equally disrespectful to build a Boy Scout Headquarters there because the terrorists were male. amirite?
@Double_hawk @596527 (rowanne): Our president is a Muslim, whether he admits it or not. There's evidence that backs it up. As a...

actually, no they're not.. my family IS Muslim, and a few of people have converted.. sorry, but we have yet to kill any of them, so get your facts straight. not to mention, he didn't fast on Ramadan, which is a Muslim holiday, he celebrates Christmas, he goes to church, and he says he's christian. so.. yeah.. i think he would know better than you what his own religion is. my father is muslim and encourages me to explore other religions.sorry, but your 'facts' are just propaganda.

New England kicks regular Englands ass, amirite?
They should make a brand of sponge called the grime reaper. amirite?
The worst part of being Anthony is he will never have POTD, because everyone would call batshit. amirite?
@Irresistable it seems you attempted a comeback that didnt include an overused cliche.

it seems you're trying to perturb me- it didn't work. regardless, british people still sound like sex.

It's crazy that if you stalk a 16 year old girl and take pictures of her, you'll be arrested, but if that 16 year old is famous you'll be hired. amirite?
@Lanz Because unless that girl is a celebrity, she lives a private life.

Right, but celebrities have the right to a private life, too.. It's ludicrous that it's so acceptable to basically stalk these people 24/7 and actually get paid for it.

It seems that Selena Gomez gets more fame by dating people who are more popular than her. All those years ago, it was Nick Jonas. Now, it's Justin Bieber. amirite?

Doesn't anyone get more fame by dating someone more popular than them?

There should be a TV show where all the episodes are cliches of plot ideas that are used over and over again. For example, trying to fix your own plumbing, taking two dates to the same dance, two enemies being trapped in a room together, or a celebrity whom one of the characters obsesses over comes to town. amirite?

The episode where the teenagers have to take care of a baby for health class, but end up destroying it. Only to discover is the end that the point was realizing how difficult is it to take care of a child. ~the more you know~

When girls can say "He's my man" it's okay, but when guys say "She's my woman" it's sexist. Amirite?

I usually hear "she's my girl", but yeah- not really sexist either way.

You wonder if anyone actually ever buy's the thing's they advertise on TV, amirite?
@JamiLovesYou Were they as good as they said they were in the advertisement?

the shamwow is pretty fantastic, but my brother's a tool and refuses to use it regularly. the sewing machine is also pretty good.. truthfully i haven't really learned how to use it, though. hahah

Everyone makes fun of Justin Bieber for having a high voice when he's 16 but Michael Jackson had a high voice his whole life and nobody cared, amirite?

for the people saying 'but MJ was actually good!' that's not really addressing the argument. that's fine if you don't like justin bieber, but if you do feel the need to trash him don't use the argument 'his voice is too high' because that's not really something someone can help, and people like MJ and chris brown (as said above) had the same thing and they're both plenty liked. just say you don't like his music and be done with it.

Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?
@men don't perpetrate violence against women. sick minded and disturbed people invoke (unjustified) violence towards...

Nah, don't pull that- using your argument is like when people say "White people aren't racist- bad people are racist who just happen to be white". Yes not every single man is violent against women, but there is an institutionalized feeling of misogyny in our society largely perpetrated by men. Domestic violence/rape/misogynistic ideals/etc. are a byproduct of patriarchy, not simply 'having bad people in the world'.

No matter who it is, even the most manly guys can seem kinda gay when being silly with little kids. amirite?

Honestly, a guy who's not afraid to act goofy and look silly seems way more 'manly' and confident to me than someone who's always thinking about how others see them.

You hate it when your taking a dump and you're being stared at awkardly by a yellow elephant. amirite?

No idea what this is referring to but I'm gonna 'like' it anyway because I like what it implies.