You have wondered if your life is another version of The Truman Show before. amirite?

i've gone through that thing where you're like "well if it was, they wouldn't make a movie about it 'cause that would make me more suspicious.. unless they KNEW i was going to say that so they're doing it to throw me off the trail! IT'S A CONSPIRACY!"
then you're like a meth addict for a week all twitchy and suspicious of authority.

You don't really hate gingers, but for some reason you feel the need to act like you do. amirite?
@Mollieee I don't get how a hair colour makes someone less or more attractive.

I'm not saying that it will always change how attractive they are, but it can definitely have an affect. For instance, I know I would look a lot less attractive if I had blonde hair because it would look weird with my complexion. Just as a sidenote: this whole discussion is unrelated to the post as I've never perceived someone to be better/worse solely based on their red hair.

Wouldn't life be so much simpler as a penguin. amirite?
War; the most counter productive thing since the veggie burger, or "touch" football, amirite?

How are veggie burgers counter productive?

Guys that wear shorts above their knees = homosexual, amirite?

people who enjoy making fun of others' sexuality= insecure.

A photo went missing from the photo album. Everyone thought it was Grandpa, but he was framed, amirite?

i over thought this WAYYY too much and confused myself into oblivion.

Nowadays girls have to practically have their whole body shaved just to keep a man pleased, amirite?
@Lanz I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of guys who don't care about makeup and nails. I...

But the thing is, a lot of guys don't realize the difference of appearance these things make. Sure you say you don't care now, but if a girl completely stopped using all the beauty products she usually does, guaranteed you'll notice. And not in a good way. Take mascara. I've heard loads of guys say "I don't care about your eyelashes why do you do that?!" but if a girl actually did stop wearing mascara a good majority of those same guys would find her less attractive.
As for the dressing up, yes, I do acknowledge that men are expected to dress up at times too, but in my experience women are expected to dress up more frequently and more extravagantly than men are. For instance if going to a cocktail party a woman would be expected to wear a dress and heels whereas a man could get away with a button-down and slacks. And I sometimes wear menswear (tie included) and IMO it's much more comfortable.

Movies without sex or violence are boring, amirite?

Didn't know Dizzee Rascal had an amirite account

Jews did 9/11, amirite?

Agreed. I feel like they're so sketchy, not to mention claustrophobic. An entire room (a large one) would be cool though.

When someone close to you dies change seats, amirite?

why does this have a negative score?