About me.

I like Ponies, Carebears, and Unicorns....-_-....Just Kidding!!! fuck all that girly crap. I like Rock and Roll, eating a snickers for breakfast and not giving a flying fuck about it. I love listening to my Ipod until my ears bleed...well not really, but you get the idea. I love manimals haha, especially dogs. I love to play with my boobs when I'm bored and even pretend they talk, I even named them! I'm a rule breaker who is always taking risks. I mean if you live your life worrying all the time, you'll miss all the good things that come. I'm 19 and it's whatever. I'm currently studying Psychology at CSU Fresno! I love our mascot, bulldogs rock. I like piercings and tats, if you've got them, then im in love hehe. Well if you wanna know more, dont be shy and ask :) i dont bite, i nibble ;)