It's a great feeling when you get a secret off your chest, no matter how small it is. amirite?

Yeah, because even small chests feel the burden of secrets.

You are a cat AND a dog person, amirite?

No, I'm not a cat . . .

When you were little and playing pretend, every time you did something you had to start it out saying "Pretend that I'm...", amirite?

I said it so much that it was usually shortened to just "'tend that..."

When you think about it, the pledge is pretty fucking weird. It's like you're saying that you are going to do whatever you can to protect this inanimate object there are like millions of, most of which are made by the rival economic superpower. amirite?

Metonymy. Look it up.


The saying "respect your elders" refers to the idea that kids shouldn't be brats. It's an on-the-surface thing. What you're talking about is entirely different.

Its horrible when you know all the words to a song that you hate, amirite?

...and then proceed to have that song stuck in your head, and subconsciously sing it all day:

"You think that you know me (know me)! That's why I'm leaving you lonely (lonely)! 'Cause baby, you don't know a thiiiiing about me. You don't know a thiiiiing about meeee---DAMN ITTTT."

Abbreviations make everything cool, amirite?

OMG, totes!

It is a little ridiculous that it is a requirement to take a foreign language in school. It should really be a choice not forced upon us, amirite?

Oh my God. No.

The Wall Street protests are just stupid. To protest corporate "greed" is to protest free enterprise, a major foundation of American freedom, amirite?
@Shugah They're protesting how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, how CEO's give themselves pay raises in tough...

I just don't get why they're lobbying for the government to get involved with something that is a question of personal right and wrong. While I don't agree with corporate greed, I do recognize the right of people to make money..

The Wall Street protests are just stupid. To protest corporate "greed" is to protest free enterprise, a major foundation of American freedom, amirite?
@TruttaceousTemulence Yeah. I don't really get that. But it is true that big corporations have a greed surplus. Do the CEO's really need...

I agree that they do have some greed issues. Isn't it interesting, though, that most of the protesters lean to the liberal side, and most liberals believe the law shouldn't have any say in moral questions (like abortion, gay marriage, etc), yet their issue is a moral question which they want the government to change? It doesn't add up.

Some sodas just should not be diet, amirite?
You've crawled on your floor acting as an undercover agent at least once before, amirite?

Yeah, in fact, I literally just did this last week.

It's stupid how gay marriage is known as gay marriage and not just "Marriage". Just because you have lunch doesn't mean you have 'gay lunch'. Just because you park your car doesn't mean you 'gay parked', amirite?

At first I was on your side of the argument, but now you're just making yourself sound silly and misinformed...

Birthdays are sort of ridiculous. It's been x many of the earth's rotations around the sun since you were pulled out of your mother, so here, have presents and cake. amirite?
@hense the leap year, every 4 years. .25x4=1 that comment wasnt as smart as you thought it would be

Also, it's spelled "hence". That comment really wasn't as smart as you thought it would be.

Instead of doing real life dissections on poor innocent animals, students should do a virtual dissection on the animal instead. That way, they can learn the same terminology, plus it would be less sad, amirite?
@myprofile I dissected a cat once. Fuck computer simulations, its just not the same experience.

Exactly. You don't learn the material as well, and you don't get to see what the organs actually look like.