They should make a class where the stuff you buy for class is useful outside of school. Like if there was a texting class you would have to have a phone, and in the you could take quizzes on text words and text each other in and outside of class. This would also be useful when you got a text in class you could say "Oh, it's for a project in texting class," amirite?

This makes me fear for the future of our generation . . .

Its horrible when you know all the words to a song that you hate, amirite?

...and then proceed to have that song stuck in your head, and subconsciously sing it all day:

"You think that you know me (know me)! That's why I'm leaving you lonely (lonely)! 'Cause baby, you don't know a thiiiiing about me. You don't know a thiiiiing about meeee---DAMN ITTTT."

The Wall Street protests are just stupid. To protest corporate "greed" is to protest free enterprise, a major foundation of American freedom, amirite?
@TruttaceousTemulence Yeah. I don't really get that. But it is true that big corporations have a greed surplus. Do the CEO's really need...

I agree that they do have some greed issues. Isn't it interesting, though, that most of the protesters lean to the liberal side, and most liberals believe the law shouldn't have any say in moral questions (like abortion, gay marriage, etc), yet their issue is a moral question which they want the government to change? It doesn't add up.

The Wall Street protests are just stupid. To protest corporate "greed" is to protest free enterprise, a major foundation of American freedom, amirite?
@Shugah They're protesting how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, how CEO's give themselves pay raises in tough...

I just don't get why they're lobbying for the government to get involved with something that is a question of personal right and wrong. While I don't agree with corporate greed, I do recognize the right of people to make money..

Many people say that a man's wife belongs in the kitchen. A real man would cook for his wife. amirite?

This is . . . refreshing, to say the least.

QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM: In the future, kids will probably sing their QWE's instead of their ABC's, amirite?

Thanks for letting me know in time.

You hate it when someone is typing "hahaha" but they end with an h ("hahahah") instead of an a, amirite?

Sounds more like a real laugh that way! Hahah!

"no, you can't just text your mom and have her pick you up if you don't feel well. First you have to get a hall pass from your teacher, then go to the nurse, have your temperature taken, then have the nurse fill out a form about your illness, then call for a ride home from the nurse's phone, and then have the front office sign off on it."
And by then I could already be at home sleeping.

All the kids in textbooks are really ugly, amirite?

And they have really weird names. . . .

Everyone just hates Sarah Palin because she's a women. She's probably smarter then you and would make a good presidenat, amirite?

Sarah Palin is more that one woman?!?

Words should be SPELT the way they are pronounced, amirite?
It's ok to be a gay Christian. amirite?
@steelerman113 Yes, homosexuality may be a sin, but that doesn't mean we should discriminate based upon it. There are plenty of...

Christians get the short end of the stick. We have to put up with self-righteous people who can't let others have their own beliefs. NO ONE is talking about hating and discriminating against gays. SIMPLY, we're saying that being gay is considered a sin in the Christian religion.

women should be allowed to breast feed their babies in public without being harassed, amirite?

Often, mothers are so discreet that I don't even realize they're breastfeeding. I had a conversation with a lady on a plane before and I thought she was just holding the baby while it slept under a blanket. Nope, she was breastfeeding!

If all men are created equal, how come homosexuals get a bunch of their rights taken away? amirite?
Time passes real slowly when you're a kid, amirite?

Thank goodness for that. :)