About me.

Hey friends!
Sarah here.
-I have 201 days of childhood left.
-Color guard is my passion. I love it.
-Also, reading.
-Music makes me happy :) TSwizzle, Owl City, The Summer Set, RunnerRunner, We The Kings, OneRepublic, and, new [to me] awesomeness: Mumford & Sons. Also, secret obsession: Allstar Weekend...
-I recently cut off 7 or 8 inches of hair. I like my short hair so much better.
-I am going to be my school's NHS treasurer for next school year.
-Tangled is my favorite movie at the moment. "I See the Light" is (of course) my new favorite Disney song, and I'm pretty sure Pascal will always be my favorite Disney character. Also, Flynn Rider is hot.
-Harry Potter y smilie.
-By y smilie I mean l smilie.
-This is all I can think of at the moment. I'll add more later.