About me.

I love politically correct douchebags,

and I love Assassin's Creed.

My hobbies consist of one and only one thing: Rustling people's jimmies.

But not really. I just hate this account and am waiting to be removed so I can start new. :)

You should probably know that nearly everything I say is a joke.

If you dislike one of my things, go ahead and hit the NW button, because I could give a fuck less about your opinion, since obviously, I'm right, and you're not.

If you dislike one of my things, please don't hit the NW button. Your opinion matters very much to me, and in fact, it's more important than my own opinion. For every downvote I get, I will cry one minute longer when my husband beats me.

Just kidding. Maybe. You don't know, and you have no right to tell me if I am or not because you don't know. :D

Just kidding. My husband doesn't beat me. But, if you feel like I'm not joking, go ahead and tell me because your opinion deserves to be worshipped.

From the few days I've been using this website, I've come to love the PEOPLE of amirite. They're perfectly accepting and full of knowledge, if, you know...wait, what am I saying? I LOVE THE PEOPLE OF AMIRITE! YOU'RE ALL SO SWEET AND LOVING! I WOULD MAKE LOVE TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Unless, of course, that offended you, in which case I wouldn't. They're open to your opinions, religion, and anything else that makes you YOU!

Definitely aren't nazis with a central sight on every opinion ever, right? Right.

I'm not really a dick with a vagina - I'm actually a fairy princess.

'nuff said.