Buried people are corpses lying inside tree corpses, amirite?

Buried in the corpses of everything that ever lived around that area

On opposites day, the chant "Go Sox" becomes "Come Socks.", amirite?

Socks isn't the opposite of Sox. This is ludicrous

If humanity started with two humans, then technically we are all inbred. amirite?
@Kionix What are you doing stepstepstepstepstepstepstepsrepsrep bro?

Sharlene you get back in your brothers bedroom and you take whats yours

The cleaner the room, the harder to find stuff. amirite?
At all times you are being watched by someone or something. amirite?
The cleaner the room, the harder to find stuff. amirite?
@Thewannabeguy22 Organizing things makes it easier to find stuff, you never see someone have a hard time finding something in a...

Totally agree with organizing. However, Organizing leads to clean; clean doesn't mean organized.

Fruitful and Vegetative are almost antonyms, amirite?



The kindest people on Earth are fast food workers who slip in extra nuggets, amirite?

The Mother Theresas of the McD.

The cleaner the room, the harder to find stuff. amirite?
If you take too many schizophrenia pills than you disappear, amirite?
Pregnant women technically have eight limbs, thus making them arachnids, amirite?
The stock in rich, ruthless, blonde cartoon bad guys is going to go through the roof moving forward. amirite?
Humans Enjoy Being Pet Just As Much As Other Animals Do, amirite?
@Dewanrachit Ugh I always try to pet little kids and I am shunned for it. We need to make petting more socially acceptable. Why...

Your petting them in the wrong place friend 😛 jk, it's true though, I think it's because it's considered an intimate action to stroke someone's hair

Every morning after getting up, you have a guaranteed, almost mandatory fart to let out. amirite?

I'm lucky to experience it every morning.

Blind people rarely suffer from agoraphobia, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound That may not actually be true, given that wide open spaces would have more room for things that can trip a blind...

Speaking as someone whose mother went blind, they are far more nervous standing in anysized unfamiliar room, than almost anywhere outside.